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    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Buddy is 6 mo. old and he weighs 46lbs.
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    Buddy ate a 4ft long snake skin.

    It was a recently shed skin that my son had in his room. It's been a few days and he seems to be eating and relieving himself normally.
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    Buddy ate a 4ft long snake skin.

    Will eating a snake skin hurt the dog? I would think he should be able to digest it with no problems.
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    Razor sharp teeth

    I heard that letting them chew on tennis balls will grind their teeth down a bit.
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    You know you're a boxer owner when____??

    I'm new to the boxer world. What is Boxer Burn?
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    Buddy is 10 weeks old as of yesterday and weighed in at 17 lbs at the vet yesterday. The vet said he has very big paws and is going to be a big boy.
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    Buddy has a heart murmur

    Thanks, I'll make sure to ask.
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    Buddy has a heart murmur

    We took 10 week old Buddy to the vet yesterday to get a second round of shots and the vet said he has a very small heart murmur. The vet said that because he is young, he may grow out of it. Is this true or is he giving us false hope?
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    At what age can you neuter?

    My dog Buddy is now 10 weeks old. How old do Boxers need to be to safely be neutered? My Vet said about 4 months and he charges $200. There is a place in town called CSNIPS or something like that, that only charges $50 and said that the puppy can have it done once the puppy reaches 2 lbs...
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    Cold Weather coop up?

    It is getting down in the upper 20's at night and Buddy shivers pretty badly when he goes out in the morning. He wants nothing to do with outside. It's actually very hard to potty train him when it's so cold out. He wants back in the house before he does his business. I'm thinking of getting...
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    8-9 week old puppy and Stairs

    When we brought Buddy home on Sunday, he had no idea what stars were or how to climb them. It took about 5 minutes of teaching him how to step uo and now he goes up and down the stairs. A little slow but he can do it all on his own.
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    Command word for "going outside"

    We use "potty". We've had him 3 days and he is just about house broken.
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    How soon can you start to leash train?

    Buddy is 9 weeks old today. Is he old enough to strat training him on a leash? I tried to put the leash on him but he wanted nothing to do with that. He kept pulling away and backing up. I was afraind he was going to hurt himself so I took the leash off. I know I need to take him for daily...
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    New to these parts

    Welcome from me and Buddy.
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    New to Boxer ownership

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
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    New to Boxer ownership

    Hello, I just picked up my new 8 week old boxer over the weekend. His name is buddy and he is a beautiful fawn. I've never owned a Boxer before but have wanted one my entire life. We used to have a Yellow Lab and she passed away last year after being with out family for 11 years. I'm...