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  1. shaun64

    WolfCub or WolfKing?

    I'm almost out of the Holistique, so I think I'll pick up the WolfCub and mix it with what I have left and see how the do. That's for the info.
  2. shaun64

    WolfCub or WolfKing?

    I just happened on this thread and have another question, I recently switched to the Holistique Blendz (it was recommened), but I see now that is for senior dogs, Zeus is 6 & Roxy is 5. I'm wondering if the WolfCub/WolfKing would be better. This is the first time I've used this brand so it's...
  3. shaun64

    Shampoo recommendations

    I use either Buddy Wash or Shea Pet, both are all natural. The Shea Pet is made with shea butter and avacado and is sulfate free.
  4. shaun64

    Seasonal alopecia

    It's kind of strange this year, Zeus only lost hair on one side. In the past it has been on both sides, he's brindle so it's always fun to see what color the hair grows back in. The bad thing was this winter we had some very cold weather here in the NW and actually lost power for a week, so I...
  5. shaun64

    Seasonal alopecia

    Zeus also has had this for the past 3 years, so far we've had no problem with Roxy. We call Zeus our nakie boy until his hair grows back in
  6. shaun64

    Chili verde

    I'm looking for a good chili verde recipe does anyone have one they could share? Shaun
  7. shaun64

    Fromm Family Pet Foods

    I was at the feed store to pick up some Wellnes for Zeus & Roxy, and they had this new food. It's call Fromm's, they had some samples of the duck & sweet potato so I brought some home to try. Has any one hear of this brand or tried it? Let me know. Thanks Shaun
  8. shaun64

    Possible Fence Aggression

    My neighbors recently put their house up for sale, and we just found out it sold last night. We also found out the new owners have a dog and I'm a little worry how Zeus and Roxy are going to react with a dog on the otherside. This summer we started having some issues with them coming unglued...
  9. shaun64

    Bash in Washington soon??

    I'll have to check my schedule, but I'm sure Zeus & Roxy would love to play. Shaun
  10. shaun64

    Are females fiestier??

    I have to say Zeus is definitly (sp) more laid back than Roxy. I thought she would calm down by now, but she keeps Zeus on his toes (and ours).
  11. shaun64

    Do I have a boxer or cat??

    Zeus doesn't do that, but Roxy does. She does lots of things the same way a cat would. Her new thing, though is to sit in the chair next to the computer when ever I'm on. She'll just sit there and stare at the screen till I'm done. Shaun
  12. shaun64

    New law in NYC?? Pet "OWNER" Insurance

    In one town near me they are trying to pass a law that would make any dog over 30lbs. considered dangerous and the owners would need to a $250,000 insurance policy.
  13. shaun64

    Blood Donors

    I have my 2 gallon pin, but recently I haven't been able to give due to low iron. Shaun
  14. shaun64

    I won't ask your age . . . but

    Mayfair High Lakewood, CA Class of '82 Oh, where does the time go...... Shaun
  15. shaun64

    Need appetizers you peel the cucumbers?
  16. shaun64

    Need appetizers

    Keep them coming:D Thanks for some great new ideas, they all sound yummy. I always get stuck making the same things and I want something new. Shaun
  17. shaun64

    Big Wake Up Call

    When we got Zeus I didn't want to use a crate for him, but things really changed when I came home one day and couldn't find him. He had gotten into my bathroom and closed the door on himself, thankfully he was unharmed and nothing terrible happened. That day I went and bought a crate, now I...
  18. shaun64

    Need appetizers

    Does anyone have any good appetizers that they could recommend? My husband and I belong to a dinner club and this is our month to host. Shaun
  19. shaun64

    Pet Expo Coming up July 12-13, Monroe, Washington

    Thanks, I missed the last one. Shaun
  20. shaun64

    What concerts have you been to?

    Last concert was to see Bon Jovi (April 15), boy has that man aged well:D I've also seen.... Journey Styx Van Halen The Cult Neil Young Crash Test Dummies Guns & Roses Rolling Stones Goo Goo Dolls ZZ Top David Bowie Midnight Oil Robert Cray Stevie Ray Vaughn Eric Clapton...