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  1. Aero posing

    Aero posing

  2. play fighting

    play fighting

  3. sitting pretty

    sitting pretty

  4. sleeping in the sun 2

    sleeping in the sun 2

  5. napping in the sun

    napping in the sun

  6. Nestle and Aero

    Nestle and Aero

  7. kdiner

    Happy Canada Day!

    yaaaa for vancouver!!! Congrats Vancouver and Canada on winning the bid for the 2010 olympics!!! partyicon partyicon appicon appicon fiestaicon
  8. kdiner

    Nestle is getting a sister!!!

    where aero came from Nestle is a brand name of Chocolate bars and Aero is a type of nestle chocolate bars...thought we would follow a theme of sorts...I wanted Hersey but we thought Aero was a little more girly! Thats our girls!
  9. Sour face!!!

    Sour face!!!

    Someone was grouchy for this pic!!!
  10. Aero stacked

    Aero stacked

    Sorry the pic is blurry
  11. Aero at 2 days

    Aero at 2 days

  12. Aero


    Our Aero at 1 week
  13. kdiner

    Happy Canada Day!

    HAppy Canada Day from Alberta Happy Canada everyone! Hope your day was as warm as ours!!!! Enjoy the fireworks..if you get them tonight!!! O Canada!!!
  14. kdiner

    Nestle is getting a sister!!!

    We are soooo excited ....Nestle is getting a little sister the first weekend in August. We will be able to bring home Aero... they are almost twins..same brindle ...with white toes!!! I'll post new pics excited!!!!
  15. kdiner

    Nestle's first birhtday!!!!

    Today our little girl is 1 year old!!! Time has flewn by and she has been a great addition to our family! She was spoiled with new treats and a super supper and a great long walk ! No she is napping with Dad! Thanks to everyone here at boxerworld over the last year for all your help as...
  16. kdiner

    The things they do when they think we're not looking...

    i couldn't believe it! We were in the dining room. We were saying goodbye to some friends that we had over and we turned our backs on Nestle for two seconds....she jumped up on our kitchen table and looked out the window!!! I nearly had a heart attack..she has never done that before and I...
  17. kdiner

    I love when Ginger does this

    Nestle does the same thing...but with the couch and chair...!!! It is hilarious and then she falls on the side ..rolls to her back and flails around kicking at the air....what a silly dog!!
  18. kdiner

    Looking for Doggy Clothes Patterns?

    I found a pattern in McCall's ...there was a bunch of patterns on there...we used fleece and they turned out great! just look throught the pattern book and it should still be in there! See if it is what your're looking for!
  19. kdiner

    Oscar needs a Toque, eh!

    We live in the foot hills of the Rockies and our weather changes on the drop of a dime. We took Nestle ice fishing 2 weeks ago and she did great in her fleece jacket..we gave her periodical warm ups in the car..but booties are a must next time! We forget about out bundled up layers to fight...
  20. kdiner

    female/female pairing

    All of this feedback is great!!! So many different experiences to relate to ! We are still trying to find the right match for Nestle and I suppose it will happen when everything is just perfect. We are hoping to do so through a rescue organization. Thanks for all the feedback!!!