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    Schutzhund/Obediance Training Methods

    This is counterintuitive to most people, but very, very true - if you can teach a dog when to bark, it's easy to teach him when not to bark. I own and handle a working dog that is trained to bark distinctively in certain situations. Once, as a puppy, he was taught to bark on que, I was able to...
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    Nascar Pet Crew!

    Kevin Harvick has a boxer too. :)
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    Blurry eyes?

    To further what kassa is saying, let me relate my experience... Last year Baxter had the same type of "milky" look to his right eye and the first diagnosis was a cataract, second opinion was early-onset glaucoma... on third opinion (from a canine opthamologist), we discovered that his right...
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    6 month old female

    Harsh? :lol: Thanks Lori, Shannon, Claudia, foxboxchic and all the others who face constant criticism from people who have no idea what you deal with daily, and still have the strength to help the dogs. :)
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    To Crop and Clip or Not To Crop and Clip that is the question..........

    No worries, Jazz - they aren't referring to your post, but to a post by Brittain who wrote: . To the best of my knowledge, cropping is illegal in the UK. :) And in fairness to poster Brittain, he/she did qualify their statement by saying that they weren't sure if that was correct info...
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    Countersurfing troubles

    If it was organic bread (no added iron) and he has no wheat allergies, the only thing I would be worried about is the possibility of loose stools and gas...that's a lot of fibre. :lol: Other than that, he should be aces. Boxers tend to have stomachs of steel and seemingly can ingest or pass...
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    lokking in south carolina for a boxer

    Please check out the following rescues that work in the area: Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and Rockin' P Boxer Rescue As mentioned earlier, Boxertown is also a good, legit rescue organization, (but does not work in SC) and PetFinder (...
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    How to tell the difference between a Cold and Kennel Cough

    Bama Belle - Yep. A reverse sneeze is just another way for a dog to clear their nasal passages and sinus - very much like how humans snort inward. Nothing to be alarmed about just how pups clear their passages. Colds and KC are usually viral, just like in humans, and can be contracted...
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    Wondering about a sleeping bag for backpacking

    When Bax and I are working, or camping, he sleeps on top of my bag between my legs and I lay a 4X4 light weight fleece throw over him ($8 at Target). It's small and light enough to carry in a ready pack and it does fine for him. On exceptionally cold nights, he has gotten inside my mummy bag...
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    New pics of Darien & family

    I'm just responding to a post report regarding the discussion of electronic collars. Please remember that any collar that delivers a shock as a training method is not permitted on BW. So, if the collar in question is one that delivers a shock in order to coercively train or control the dog...
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    How to tell the difference between a Cold and Kennel Cough

    Kennel cough and a cold are essentially the same thing. :)
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    teeth brushing

    Don't use the people paste. The concentrated flouride in most people pastes is bad for the puppers, not to mention the inactive ingredients that are not meant for ingestion (and just try telling your dog to spit, not swallow - let me know how that works out, would ya? :p ) I brush every...
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    giz a clue(rescue in NW England?)

    Try . I know that there are several active rescues in the UK / Wales / Scotland / Ireland that may be on the list. There are several breeders, also, that have active rescue programs. If that doesn't provide the info you need, call your local boxer club - they should be able...
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    GA, Rescue Me. My last day is Feb 3. kill shelter

    For the record 4tyyrsboxers raises some very valid points, and I did not read any negative tone in their posts, just concern based in experience. Yeah, I have known and worked with RPR for a long time, and there is no better group around. Angie, the ED, is and will always be one of my...
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    Sad Indiana boxer girl

    **CAUTION** Before going to the link for the rescue in the post above, be aware that Norton detected a series of "high risk rated" download trojans on trying to enter the site. I will not block the site addy yet, but be aware of it, and turn on A/V software before following the link.
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    Happy Birthday SammynDqtz!!

    birthdayic Happy belated birthday, Rachel. :)
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    Happy Birthday Alisha Mobley!!!

    birthdayic Happy Birthday Alisha. You are a special person to have been born on this day among so many other great people! ;)
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    Happy Birthday Cubby

    Thanks, gang! It's been a pretty uneventful day - but that's a good thing. Bax and I have just been hanging around and watching it snow. :lol: Thanks for your thoughts! :)
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    Kailee Turns 6 Happy Birthday Missy

    birthdayic Well, crap! Sorry I missed your B-day li'l girl. SO Happy belated Birthday to you! birthdayic B is pining away for you too, but I hope the pic in question isn't that horrible one! :lol: And, Deb -um, yeah - I'll get right on that Tiffany's frame! :lol:
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    We now have Petco in Charlotte!

    Who sponsors it? A big reason why nobody shows up may be that I've never heard of it, and apparently neither have any of the CLT boxer guardians that I know. Can you give more info? :)