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    Johnny Carson dies at age 79

    The passing away of Johnny Carson is indeed sad. I was also very sad when Jerry Orbach passed away----he is so much "law and order" and I always enjoyed his wry sense of humour.
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    Boomer's brother passed away last night

    Scott--I am sorry to hear about Jacques ((hugs)) Juno Argos and Theia
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    Really "Nice" pictures, Olly!!!!
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    Palma de Mallorca

    Did you see the Caves of Drach??
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    Happy Birthday Cubby

    Happy Belated Birthday Cubby 4 days before Christmas and we are still in our T-shirts Love and wishes from nice and sunny League City
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    Goliath Knowles

    Already a year!! We all sure do miss you. Always in our hearts. Love and hugs
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    I'm in shock!!

    I am so sorry to read about Leo and Rachel, it was such a cruel thing to do. Please accept my condolences.((hugs))
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    Magic's new brother Deeg

    Interesting !!!! I am from India and spent all my life there (until 6 years ago---thats when I moved to Texas), but didnot know about this small sleepy town called Deeg. Since it is an Indian name ----Deeg must be pronounced with the soft "D"----and most Westerners I know cannot say the soft...
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    Goliath Knowles

    Happy Birthday sweet Goliath!!!! Did you enjoy your fries.....???? Remembering you
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    A Daddy's Confession (Long)

    Dan--our thoughts and best wishes are with you, Maggie, Susie and Rider. Hope you feel better soon---spring is not that far away :) Nothing can heal better than BoxerLove
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    Happy Birthday DogNamed_Boo!!!

    Vickie--hope you have a great day...... have fun with Boo on your special day
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    Lexi is 7 years young today!

    Belated Birthday wishes sweet Lexi. I hope you had a great time time with Mommy, Daddy, Baxter and Dusty. Love and hugs your friends from Texas
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    growning up in the 80's

    Thats kind of sad.......because Afghanistan has been in the world map for a very long time :) and it has a history and culture that goes back over 5000 years.
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    Prayers For My Missy Ginty...

    Great news!!!! Give that sweet little girl a big kiss from us Hugs to you all
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    Prayers For My Missy Ginty...

    Keeping you and Ginty in my thoughts and prayers. Love Juno
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    Prayers For My Missy Ginty...

    Sending loads of hugs, love, and positive vibes to our Ginty. She will be fine in no time, she is too special to be sick Love to all of you
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    New Dog Park in Houston Area

    Would love to have a dog park in the Clear Lake area. I hope it will be soon. Btw my two kiddos are from LSBR (Argos and Theia) And our Draco was also from LSBR, one of the first few (we got him before Sharon was the director and while Sil was running the place)
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    Happy Birthday Boo....

    Happy Birthday Boo---hope you had a great day!!!!
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    I'm Back

    Good to have you back Sandy. How is the Big Boy doing?? He must be thrilled to have you home all the time
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    Tara at the Vet's

    good vibes for Tara......I am sure she will love her meal, and so will Markus--its sounds yummy