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    Bash 2006 for British Columbia

    I managed to see Monika Sunday at the dog show in Chilliwack, she hasn't been able to get an answer from the Albion Park people so she is going to try for Peace Arch Park, she said that one is free as it is a Provincial Park; it will probably be a bit later on in the year, but as soon as she has...

    Playdate in Vancouver Lower Mainland?

    I am still waiting for a reply from Monika when the Boxer Picnic will be held, she told me it will be some time in June but will let me know as soon as she gets confirmation on the date. She is a judge at dog shows and had to go into the States for a few days. It will be held as usual at Albion...

    Bash 2006 for British Columbia

    Jan, I tried to e-mail you privately but I must have the wrong address.

    Bash 2006 for British Columbia

    I have at last managed to contact Monika about our Boxer picnic, she is still trying to finalize the date, it will be some time in June for sure, but she will let me know as soon as she hears. It will be at Albion Park as usual. For those who haven't been before that is in Maple Ridge, off the...

    Bash 2006 for British Columbia

    So sorry everyone, I haven't been in touch with Monika yet, I didn't get to the local dog show last month that Monika's club arranges & Edie, the elderly lady that always used to let me know has gone into a home as she was unable to look after herself, due to health problems. I will try to get...

    Do you have a Boxer calender? Who is your April?

    When I went to England last November I bought all of the Boxer calendars that I saw as they all have the natural floppy ears. For April one has a Fawn feller drinking from a tap outside, another has one sitting in a field of daisies with a yellow/white soccer ball in its paws, another has 3 very...

    question about a boxer/pics included

    Poor feller, he looks so sad. It reminded me of when we first got Isabelle, she was so thin you could see her ribs, hip bones & back bone , & her little stubby tail was tucked right in, her coat wasn't in very good condition either, although she had been looked after by Chantelle who rescued her...


    I thought that I would post this for Gillian (GillianF), they had to say Goodbye to Ttakas yesterday as he had the dreadful 'C' , Gillian phoned me last night with the news, I was expecting it as I knew he was ill, although he was eating right up to the last. Poor Bronte will miss her brother...

    Happy 11th Birthday Ginty....

    Hi Pam, I know that you are busy with your family so I am glad that you have a little time for looking at Boxerworld once in a while. I was really pleased that Ginty is going strong, way to go Grandma Ginty, you show them how strong you are! Best Wishes to Andy, we are still hoping there is...
  10. HELENE

    Hello from BC Canada

    Welcome to you both, Boomer & Jessica. If you are in the Lower Mainland we have a Boxer Gathering May/June every year. Hope to hear more about you & Boomer, looking forward to seeing some photos also.
  11. HELENE

    Well they have gone and done it now.

    Isabelle has just said that it wasn't your furbabies that broke the table, it was the chair! I am pleased that DH has forgiven them, the truth is, you just can't stay mad at them, they are only being their natural exhuberant selves.
  12. HELENE

    raw bones?

    We get Isabelle a bag of soup bones from the meat department in our local store; she loves them, they have quite a bit of meat on them & she loves getting the marrow out of the centre, they are usually about 4 - 5 inches long. Isabelle gets a bone about every 2 days. The only ones that I have...
  13. HELENE

    Hi from Vancouver, BC

    Welcome to you from just up the valley. About supplies, a nice bed, maybe in his/her crate. Definitely a squeaky toy,and an assortment of other toys, brushes & nail clippers or dremel just to let your new puppy get used to the clipping/noise so that when the time comes to use it, it isn't...
  14. HELENE

    Hello from Langley BC

    Welcome from us in the Fraser Valley. We will be having a Boxer picnic around the beggining of June, it is usually at Albion Park just off the Lougheed Hwy. We try to get another one in sometime in September, that one was washed out this year but hopefully we will have better luck in 2006. It...
  15. HELENE

    Brandy just broke my front window

    Isabelle does exactly the same thing, she sees a squirrel running along the wires or the cats across the road & she goes crazy! I am always afraid that she will go through the window one day, it is a very large picture window, I know that it is a double pane but she really scratches it. We have...
  16. HELENE

    The cuz is freakin unbelievable!!!

    Ther4 must be something wrong with Isabelle!!! The only toy that was a complete waste of money is the [U]Cuz[U] . Isabelle doesn't even look at it, I make it squeak and try to get her to play with it, I roll it past her, she won't touch it! I have got the large good Cuz, but it is just an...
  17. HELENE

    Kennels - Yes or No??

    I agree with Jan. If you have any friends that are Boxer friendly and that are willing to live in your home for the time that you are away that is the best way to go, that will not put as much stress on your pet, Elvis will still wonder where you are but at least he will be in his own home...
  18. HELENE

    BC Boxers

    I have just been talking to Jan & it is raining hard everywhere. We think that it is best to cancel the get together as it is not nice out in the rain for us or our 'bouncy boxers'. They wouldn't be very 'bouncy' this weather. I am trying to notify everyone before they leave for the park. So...
  19. HELENE

    Hi i'm a newbie

    Welcome Kate & Bruno (& Stu). This is a good site to be on, lots of good information when you need it, also lots of stories funny & serious. Looking forward toseeing some photos of little Bruno, take lots because they grow up so fast, before you know it he will be a big boy. (Still trying to...
  20. HELENE

    BC Boxers

    I think Gillian & Graham are coming with Ttakas & Bronte & Chantelle from Boxer Rescue (whom we got Isabelle from) is coming with at least one of her boxers, there may be Sharon with Rozee from Chilliwack also. I have heard from Benny & Lolita they are bringing Benson. I am just hoping that the...