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  1. amecke

    worried about Mia's eye!

    My girl has something wrong with her eye. We took her to the vet a few months back and he said it was pink eye and gave us drops. It went a way and came back a couple weeks later and so we gave her the drops again. It again went away for a month or so but now its back and her eye is very cloudy...
  2. amecke

    Runny stool

    I switched Mia over to Innova Red Meat large bites a month or so ago and she is has not had a solid stool since. I am not sure what to do. She does not act like her tummy hurts, but there is definately something wrong because its been over a month now and still runny. I was thinking of switching...
  3. amecke


    I noticed a few bumps on Mia around her mouth and under her chin on her neck. You can't really see them but you can feel them under her hair and I can pick them right off. They look like little scabs. When I pick them off she does not bleed or anything and she does not act like they itch or...
  4. amecke

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    Mia is 10 months and 42lbs
  5. Mia_lounging1


  6. amecke

    Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

    My girl Mia is 7.5 months and just 34lbs.
  7. amecke

    Innova puppy?

    I am switching my 7 month old female Mia to Innova from Canidae ALS, but not sure which Innova to use. Innova does not have an ALS food, so should I be buying Innova puppy or adult for her. I would assume puppy, but just thought I'd ask. Also I wanted to go with the EVO because it is grain free...
  8. amecke

    Need a change?

    Thanks for the help! She is definately getting taller, but she is lean. This is our first boxer and I was told that they grow up first and then fill out.
  9. amecke

    Need a change?

    I have been feeding my 7 month old female Canidae ALS since we got her at 10 weeks and she looks great and healthy. She is on the smaller side at 32lbs and I don't know if this has anything to do with the food. Also I heard it is good to switch the food up every once in awhile. Any suggestions...
  10. amecke

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to Boxerworld and I wanted to introduce myself and my boxer. My name is Andy and I have a 4 month old female named Mia (Mya). She is fawn with a black mask and is absolutely perfect! She is my first boxer, but she will not be my last. I now know what all the fuss is about in owning a...