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  1. leenasmom

    Haven't been on here in forever!

    Since like 2002/2003. My first boxer pair have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Mason in 2011 & Leena in 2012. I now have a 2 year old brindle boy named Leeson (Leena & Mason combined). Plus I foster for a local boxer rescue. Anyways, just wanted to say hello.
  2. leenasmom

    If you were to own a giant breed, which would you choose?

    I have always wanted a Great Dane, mainly because they look so beautiful. I stuck with boxers because of their beauty, intelligence, and personallity.
  3. leenasmom

    Famous People

    That would be interesting, but if there were any famous member that confessed think of how many PMs and emails they would get. They surely wouldn't come back. :rolleyes:
  4. leenasmom

    5 Most Favorite Actresses.........

    1. Drew Barrymore (she was excellent in Ever After) 2. Julia Roberts 3. Julia Styles 4. Sandra Bullock 5. Mag Ryan
  5. leenasmom

    Favorite 5 Actors..........

    1. Ben Affleck 2. Sean Connery 3. Bruce Willis 4. Kevin Cosner 5. Creg Kilborn (Late Late Show)
  6. leenasmom

    It Made Me Throw Up ! :(

    I wish you the best of luck in locating that poor girl. There are many different possibilities here. She could have been kidnapped, he could have been watching her for someone else, he could have recently found her and is just a mean old devil. My guess is that he does live close, because he...
  7. leenasmom

    Happy Birthday Debbie Knowles!!!!

    Happy belated Birthday, Debbie! birthdayic birthdayic birthdayic I hope you got what you wanted and had a great one. Jess
  8. leenasmom

    Anyone see Finding Nemo

    I got my boyfriend and his friends wanting to see it now, because my friend and I were talking whale and laughing so hard. Looks like I may get to go see it again sometime soon. :p
  9. Leena's close-up

    Leena's close-up

  10. cuddle bugs

    cuddle bugs

  11. Leena taking a break

    Leena taking a break

  12. I can fly too!

    I can fly too!

  13. Leena chillin

    Leena chillin

  14. Mason watching Scooby Doo

    Mason watching Scooby Doo

  15. Wanna piece of me?

    Wanna piece of me?

  16. leenasmom

    Anyone see Finding Nemo

    There were some really funny parts to that movie. When Marlin and Dori first met, just cracked me up. Also when Dori starts speaking whale is too funny. My friend and I were laughing so hard when we got home and were talking about it. It is an excellent movie.
  17. leenasmom

    Cute C&P-Dog Letters to God

    LMAO! Very cute ;)
  18. leenasmom

    An END to the Rottweiler Saga? (for those who've been following along)

    Yeah, Deb! I am so happy for you. I do hope this is a permanent thing and you won't have to deal with them anymore.
  19. leenasmom

    50 things women can't do! - (according to men)!

    This one cracks me up, and I think men REALLY love it when in public, you tell them to hold your purse for a moment.
  20. leenasmom

    Proposal Stories

    Thanks for sharing all of your stories. I think they are all romantic in their own ways. My current boyfriend is definately the one I want to marry, and he always talks about how we will be together forever and I am the one he wants to marry. I am just waiting for him to ask.