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  1. Haylydon

    Lily's new stifle brace.

    That is great!! Wish we knew about that before our guy had surgery a few years ago!!! I would have definitely tried that first! the brace looks great!
  2. Haylydon

    possible seizure?

    Splash just went through this also. Once last week and again last night. Same set of circumstances, greeting us when we came home. He is currently on prednisone and Palladia for a stage 3 mast cell tumor. I am thinking in our case that it is related. But the vet did say it was a seizure and to...
  3. Haylydon

    Need positive vibes for Thora

    Feel better soon. Boxer bellies are the worst!! So sensitive even the slightest things sets mine off.
  4. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Met with the oncologist today. Aspirated his lymph nodes...all clear....chest x-ray.....all clear....ultra sound Monday for the liver and spleen. feeling very hopeful.
  5. Haylydon

    Cardiomyopathy and Mast Cell Tumor

    Glad it went well!!!
  6. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Sorry for the delay. It is called collasate. It has worked great. He actually went today and his the vet was happy with the healing.
  7. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Glad that Mac is doing well!! 13! Wow!
  8. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Thank you everyone! I will keep you updated after out appointment on the 14th. His leg seems to be doing much better since the vet gave us some cream to put on it. It seems to be helping speed the healing up and scab it over.
  9. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Well we were told just before Christmas that the lump removed from his chest is a Grade 3 mast cell tumor. The vet believes she got clean margins, but we have an appointment with a oncologist on the 14th. Totally overwhelmed as to what is next. This surgery has been brutal. Ironically the lump...
  10. Haylydon

    Lumps, bumps, and arythmia

    Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I have posted. My boxer will be 9 in January. I feel like everyday I am finding another lump, bump or skin tag on him. He was scheduled to have surgery in August but his pre-op test came back with some irregular heart beats. He saw the cardiologist...
  11. Haylydon

    age & weight: how much do you feed your boxer?

    Splash is 2 years old and weighs 63lbs and get 3 1/2 to 4 cups a day! He is on the smaller side but full of muscle and very active.
  12. Haylydon

    Casper's dew claw again

    Poor Casper!! They should have noticed that he was wet and took care of him. That is their job. I applaud you for speaking up! I hope he feels better!!!
  13. Haylydon

    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY TO MS. ALI birthdayic

    partyicon Happy Birthday!! Splash sends wiggles and hope you enjoy your big day!
  14. Haylydon

    Little Hayden got chomped!!

    Poor Hayden! I hope he is feeling better soon. I hate when people can't control their dogs!! :mad:
  15. Haylydon

    Too many Baths?

    Splash gets a bath at least every month or every two months. In between that he gets lots of wipe downs with wipes and in the summer he loves the hose. I noticed he skins gets really dry if he goes to the groomer too often.
  16. Haylydon

    Otis is home!

    Congratulations!! He reminds me of my boy when he was a pup!! He is very cute!
  17. Haylydon

    My boys love each other

    OMG!!! That is so cute. They are great!! I so want a brother or sister for Splash!!
  18. Haylydon

    A few new pictures

    A very hansome family!!!
  19. Haylydon

    What my 3 are doing right now

    That is hysterical. They are so funny!!! At least they aren't trying to "help" clean!