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    Any boxers in the Nashville area?

    I have a 9 month old boxer male. I would love to meet with other boxers for him to play with and for me to learn about. This is my first boxer so I know I have alot to learn.
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    Here are a few pictures of him
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    Blood in stool

    What are some causes for a loose stool with some blood besides worms? Khaos is eating about 4 cups a day of Blue Buffalo and isn't gaining weight. His energy level is normal.
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    Mount Juliet, Tennessee

    Hello, my name is James and I'm a first time boxer owner. My boxer pup is 13 weeks old. I have been roaming the site for about 14 weeks. I spent several weeks looking around for information about boxers. I have come to find that is one has been the most help. My boxer's name is My Khaotic Bliss...