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    InnovaEvo to Solid Gold

    Frog was just the opposite. She could not handle the CS at all. I ended up donating the bag to the local shelter. She is doing wonderful on the solid gold hundenflocken though.
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    Got AFLAC coverage??

    I know here in CA they are not allowed to "refuse treatmeant based on ability to pay." If you go to the emergency room for a TRUE emergency they will see you in order of importance. When you first get there unless brought in by ambulance they send you to the triage nurse for and evaluation...
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    We will be back! Promise!

    Congrats on your new place. Good luck with the move. I am sure Hank will LOVE his new place.
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    Beau is throwing up after spay

    Frog was a mess the day after I got her. She was puking up brite yellow stuff for the first day and wouldnt eat for almost 3. The vet told me that if she was still not eating after 5 days to bring her back in. Around the very end of 2nd day she ate but not even 1/2 cup. Just give her bunches...
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    today my boxer (part 2)...

    Well actually yesterday... Frog decided that she wanted the strawberry cake mix more than I did. I ran upstairs to grab the phone (DD never puts it back where it belongs) When I got back downstairs about 5 mins later there was powder like substance all over my "just cleaned that day by the...
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    Who is your boxer more attached to??...

    Frog is such a daddy's girl. I believe I have a thread here that is titled "SHE LOVES HIM MORE" I was pouting cuz she was supposed to be my baby I am the one that BEGGED for a dog for 2 years! I am the one who had to sign a written agreement that I would be responsible for all her care since DH...
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    How do you deal with stress??

    Handle stress? You're supposed to be able to do that? Wow you learn something new every day! But seriously, I am very Type A and what would seem like no big deal to someone else will send me into a tisy for days. I have found that anything Frog related including just reading thru this board...
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    Aggressive dogs face park ban

    Wouldn't surprise me if it did come out of CA! Most of the politicans out here don't know much about anything they are spouting off about. All they know is that someone is in an uproar over something and that if they get behind the people making all the noise they might look smart and get...
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    Gilmore Girls

    Yeah I saw that but I guess the commercials made him sound shocked and kind of upset about the pregnancy. When his sister told him he seemed happy for her. Hopefully it was just that though.
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    Blue for Dogs

    If you are refering to the Blue buffalo brand, then yes, I use it. It was the first food I could find that was on the WDJ. It was also the only premimum food that petsmart carried. The only reason she is not on it now is that I decided to start rotating her food every few months.
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    What do you think of my idea?!!

    So will you be making it a "triple-wide" when the pups get bigger. LOL You wont have any room left in your house for you. It is a very clever idea on your part though! This way all the babies can be together and still have plenty of room
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    Gilmore Girls

    I love this show. I have watched it since the begining. I am wondering who is pregnant though. It has to be Lorlei or Rory. They keep showing the sceen where Luke is talking to a girl and makes a comment alongs the lines of "oh my god your pregnant?" Rory kind of looks like she might really...
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    Our nasty visitor!

    Ya gotta love Arizona! When we lived out there I went to check the mailbox one night after work not even thinking about sticking my hand in a dark place. Lucky for me it was on the back of the magazines and I didn't actually grab the damn thing. I got sick of worrying about my shoes so I kept...
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    Aggressive dogs face park ban

    Thanks! I have to admit I love doing it. It is a wonderful way to kill time at work as well a a great place to keep all her pictures together.
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    Aggressive dogs face park ban

    I don't think a ban like that is truly fair. If that were the case Frog would never be allowed to go. The perfect example of it not being her fault was the day that Frog had a play date with Emily & Dozer. There was this little ankle bitting dog that was annoying Frog non stop eventually Frog...
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    Need To Find A Home-please Help!

    Isnt it amazing how wonderful everyone on this board is. I love seeing happy stories like this take place.
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    today my boxer (part 2)...

    Today my boxer... Stole a brand new box of Pria bars off the counter. I was packing up everything i needed to leave for work at 4:30 this morning and when I walked out the door I forgot the box. As soon as I remembered I called home to wake up either DD or DH to have them put the box up...
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    Pedicure gone wild!

    I gave Frog a "pet"icure for DH's homecoming. Her nails are currently a really pretty bluegreen color. I had done them red in the past and DH says it just doesn't look right so from now on I am only allowed to do shades of green (frog=green) go figure.
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    Getting To Know Your Boxer

    YOUR BOXER'S NAME: frog NICKNAME(S): wiggle butt, frogger, beautiful, wigglesworth AGE: 4? SEX: F COLOR: Brindle FOOD: This rotation is Solid Gold VITAMINS/HERBS: HAD SINCE PUP OR A RESCUE?: Rescue ALLOWED ON FURNITURE?: yup ALLOWED ON YOUR BED?: yup STILL PULLS?: no TYPE OF COLLAR...
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    Louie is such a great big brother!

    Awww Louie! What a good boy you are. Your momma must be very proud of you!