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  1. finnboxer


    Hi I have a older male boxer, 15 years old. He is starting to have some issues with his back legs and drags his feet a little when walking. I try to keep him on soft surfaces as much as possible buts its not always possible. I need to find some sort of protection for his feet so that he is not...
  2. finnboxer


    I have a 12 year old male boxer with pancreatitis and looking to see if anyone else has experience with this. He had his first bout of pancreatitis about 2 years ago, back then he was very sick. Since then he has had a few more flare ups but because we are now more aware of the signs we are...
  3. finnboxer


    My 11 year old female boxer was diagnosed with Insulinoma just over a year ago, and for the last year we have managed it with regular feedings and 20 mg of Prednisone daily. The tumor has obviously started to grow as the prednisone has just recently become less effective. We have increased her...
  4. finnboxer


    My 10 year old boxer has just been diagnosed with Insulinoma and I am thinking of getting a Glucometer so I can check her glucose levels at home. Has anyone purchased one of these to use on their dog and if so can you recommend a particular brand. Thanks
  5. finnboxer


    Hi I am wondering if anyone has any experience with an Insulinoma. My vet believes my 10 year old female boxer may have this. So I am curious to learn how others decided to treat/mangage etc Thanks
  6. finnboxer


    Hello from Maynard MA where I live with my 2 boxers. Finnegan a 10 year old white male and Nessa a 9 year old fawn female. I am vey familiar with boxer world and used to use it a lot years ago. I am returning now because one of my boxers is having some health issues and I know how useful...