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  1. djheitz

    Introducing Lizzie!

    If I start a new thread here, it will never be closed because she has something to post about every few days ;)
  2. djheitz

    Introducing Lizzie!

    Thank you all! Honestly, I think I could start a blog for this girl. Today she decided that sine the bathroom trash can has a lid (one of those tall metal, step on it to open type cans), she would just knock the whole thing over to get to the trash. Why bother trying to get the lid open when...
  3. djheitz

    Introducing Lizzie!

    It's been over a year since we lost our Roxi and she has finally seen fit to send a new little girl our way. Miss Lizzie arrived on August 16, originally as a temporary, emergency foster for Adopt a Boxer Rescue. She was an owner surrender to the city shelter, turned in for aggression towards...
  4. Lizzie


    We started out as temp fosters fro this cutie and she decided within 24 hours that she was never leaving my husband's side!
  5. djheitz

    Adequan injections?

    We tried it with our girl Roxi last year. Unfortunately, she only had one injection before she passed away, but I can say we saw a huge difference just with that one treatment. There is some suggestion that Adequan may cause tumors to rupture, which is what appears to have happened with our...
  6. djheitz

    I just don't understand rescue groups!

    In addition to what Pam said (and yes we are all volunteers, most also working full-time jobs with families and dogs of our own in addition to fosters...), I'd say if you filled out the application saying you were only interested on one specific dog, and that dog is not a good fit, your...
  7. djheitz

    How to clean Boxer tear markings??

    Switching to grain free food is what worked for us. Even if we get a batch of treats that contain grain, the stains start to come back.
  8. djheitz

    Fender's SFA is getting out of control. Need advice

    There are many symptoms and each dog will present slightly differently. Weight gain, skin/coat issues, shivering, lethargy, aggression and mental dullness are probably seen most frequently. My boy had weight gain and was always tired & cold, but that was it. He showed improvement within a week...
  9. djheitz

    Fluffy Celebrated New Years at the Bridge

    Hugs, Elaine. I'm glad she had you in her corner and I know she appreciated it.
  10. djheitz

    D-mange in an otherwise healthy adult?

    one month in... Harley had his re-check on Friday. The doc scraped three separate sites and did not find any live motes. He said that's pretty unusual (not that this whole situation is normal to start with...) and that we should stay on the ivermectin another month. So...four more weeks and we...
  11. djheitz

    our sweet foster, Dazzle, went to the bridge yesterday

    I was just reading about her on FB. She was a beautiful girl. RIP, angel!
  12. djheitz

    When did you let your pup start sleeping out of the crate at night?

    I'm probably the odd-man out here, but we have never crated at night. The pups always slept with us in our bed. If he's behaving, I'd give him the option of sleeping on his bed.
  13. djheitz

    Frustrated and looking for advice.

    ...just looked on their website and found this bullet point - "Any other pets that you have must be fully vetted, this includes that they be spayed/neutered and up to date on ALL vaccinations. No exceptions will be made to this rule, so please do not apply if your pets are not spayed/neutered...
  14. djheitz

    female boxer in need of a new home in Central Florida USA

    A rescue (or experienced boxer owner) is probably the best solution for her. Sounds like she is not getting any where near the exercise she needs. I hope they realize they will be in the same place with the pup in a year and let him go to rescue as well.
  15. djheitz

    Frustrated and looking for advice.

    Definitely use Petfinder to search for a boxer in need in a local shelter. I'm not familiar with Legacy's policies, but I know they are a good rescue. Try volunteering with them so they can get to know you better. And yes, your vet should be able to give you a letter that states your dog was...
  16. djheitz

    D-mange in an otherwise healthy adult?

    He had a full thyroid done two months ago (perfect!) and it was also included in the blood work that was done last week. It came back a little low, but it was only an hour after his morning meds. When he goes back for his re-check, I'll time it so we can do another if needed.
  17. djheitz

    D-mange in an otherwise healthy adult?

    We just completed the first week on ivermectin, so Harley is at the full oral dosage for the next three weeks. He is still getting more spots, but I guess that's to be expected until it's under control. He is not itchy at all, and thankfully not stinky, either.
  18. djheitz

    Megaesophagus Diagnosis

    Not me personally, but one of my good friends has a ton of experience dealing with mega-e. If you do a search for "join the eve-olution" you'll find her page. Her boxer, Eve, was our rescue's mascot until she passed this summer. She'll be happy to answer questions or offer advice.
  19. djheitz

    D-mange in an otherwise healthy adult?

    Over the past couple of weeks, Harley has developed what I first thought were bruises on his front legs and chest. I figured he ran into something in the yard and didn't think much about it until he started to get more and the initial spots were not healing. We went to the vet on Friday and he...
  20. djheitz

    Autry Boy

    I'm so sorry, Pam...