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  1. pinkpuppy

    Special attention to little ones???

    What worked for us in differentiating potty cries from let-me-out cries was that we took CHloe out of the crate every 2 hours to take her potty (we got her at 9 weeks) - the we slowly increased the time gaps. It wasn't easy - sleeping next to an alarm clock that goes off every two hours is not...
  2. pinkpuppy

    1st Day of puppy school - thought I was going to LOSE IT- help me!

    I cried after the first class - and swore that I would not go back... My arm was sore, I was frustrated, ambarressed - and felt so bad for my little girl - as I pulled on the leash - almost chocking her in class (as instructed)... But guess what - it got better! I learned: I learned how to...
  3. pinkpuppy

    she peed at my feet!

    Here is a though. Chloe only started "acting up" very recently -- and I just realized that this co-incides with us allowing her to stay out of her crate when we're not home. Her crate is in the kitchen - and she now (not all the time - we mix it up) gets gated-off in the kitchen. She still...
  4. pinkpuppy

    she peed at my feet!

    You bring up an excellent point. However (I'm not defending myself - just explaining my thought process) once she started barking at me, I gave up trying to call her - because I thought it woulding get me (us) anywhere - and I would just give her more opportunities to ignore me. I try to set her...
  5. pinkpuppy

    she peed at my feet!

    I have a problem on my hands! My perfectly trained and perfectly adjusted female changed her attitute towards over the xmas holiday. We were staying at my momther's house - and it wasn't a controlled envioronment - like our home. Fastforward to yesterday: we were at a large dog park: she was...
  6. pinkpuppy

    long time - no see

    Hello All! I have not been to the board for a really long time - I've been very busy - however I just thought I should check in and send you all to see Chloe's lates pictures on her site. Click here for Chloe's latest photos. We did the Paws in the Park fundraiser walk last month -...
  7. pinkpuppy

    How about an Ontario Boxer Bash?

    Paws In The Park Oh oh; I think I missed the pool party ;) -- but I wanted to let everyone know that on September 25 (Saturday) THS is having their annual Paws In The Park walk/ fundraiser at Downsview Park in Toronto. Chloe and I have been fundraising - we're at $230 so far.... But - come...
  8. pinkpuppy

    First Cycle

    That sounds normal - although it varies from a girl to a girl. You should probably notice her nipples swell up as well, and she should start grooming herself more often then usual.
  9. pinkpuppy

    Going to pick out our new pup this weekend!

    Congrats on the puppy! However - I have a question for you; how old will the puppy be? You shouldn't take him away from his littermates before, at minimum, 8 weeks of age. It's an important time for pup; he has many things to learn - such as how to act around other dogs, or bite inhibition....
  10. pinkpuppy

    Happy Birthday Cinnamon!!

    We're a little bit late frogicon - but partyicon HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cinnamon! appicon appicon appicon ...hope all your dreams come true!
  11. pinkpuppy

    Happy 1st Birthday Bella!!!

    Yay! appicon appicon appicon appicon appicon appicon Happy Birthday! partyicon Hope you play, dance, sing and party all day long! Heck, have some ice-cream too!
  12. pinkpuppy

    so proud of chloe

    Yay! appicon Job well done! appicon Good girl Chloe appicon ....wishing you many more stress-free outings away from clean, mess-free house!
  13. pinkpuppy

    Independent Females?

    Chloe is a combination of both; she has to be in the room with me - yes, even bathroom (or she waits at the door), but she doesn't really like to cuddle :(. She bares my hugs, enjoys her massages (ahh, the things we do to keep them by), but the minute my hands are off of her, she moves to sit...
  14. pinkpuppy

    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to BW! You'll find lots of useful information here; and many brilliant people, taught by their brilliant dogs, will be here to support you. Have fun with your little guy!
  15. pinkpuppy

    Bought my dogs Shoes!!!

    Oh, that's excellent :D Chloe wore muttlucks in the winter - and she greatly appreciated them. I found though that the pair that went on her back feet wore out... Not underneath - but on top of her toes? :) I think we'll be getting neopaws this year. It's great that you put them on now; I...
  16. pinkpuppy


    partyicon Happy birthday silly puppy! partyicon Hope you (and your people) have a great day!
  17. pinkpuppy

    Pimps new shirt

    awww... He's so adorable - even with the "tough" t-shirt on!
  18. pinkpuppy

    Our First Foster...maybe she needs to stay :)

    Maggie is a little cutie; awww - keep her if you can! Her eyes are just priceless.... lovicon She looks all boxer - and if she only weighs 43 lbs. - then it will hurt less when she steps on your toes :D (although I doubt that.... - can you tell that I'm considering wearing steel toe boots...
  19. pinkpuppy

    Champ is One Year Old today!!!

    partyicon HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! partyicon ...have a great day & don't forget to sing and dance!
  20. pinkpuppy

    Sophie's First Birthday today!

    partyicon HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! partyicon ......have a wonderful day and smile!