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  1. Paper-Dogg13

    Charlie Paper 11/22/02-1/18/13

    Thank you all for your kind words. It's been a month & while each day is a little easier, I still find myself teary-eyed thinking of him. But then in the same breath I smile at his memory. My mom actually had a "coffee table" book of pictures made of him for me. It's sitting on our table along...
  2. Paper-Dogg13

    Charlie Paper 11/22/02-1/18/13

    Its been years since I posted on this forum. Life has been moving along at a super speed. But tonight I'm seeking comfort in all my fellow boxer lovers. Charlie Paper crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon in my arms, with his best friend, Naia, close by. My heart is very empty right now...
  3. Paper-Dogg13

    The Gang

    What a good looking gang you have!!! :)
  4. Paper-Dogg13

    Caney's new jacket

    Caney looks so cute & so warm with her new threads!!!! Your mom is awesome! :) I would buy one for sure....something more masculine of course. Pink isn't really Charlie Paper's color. :lol:
  5. Paper-Dogg13

    Our Autry boy in Alabama January

    What a handsome boy!!! Loved all the pictures!!!
  6. Paper-Dogg13

    On our way to our 1st title!

    Thanks everyone!!! Charlie Paper was once again a super star!!! After walking the course, I was most worried about the stand-stay, and maybe the sit-down-sit (cause he likes to "play dead" when we do that exercise). But, as per his style this weekend...he was excellent off leash & he executed...
  7. Paper-Dogg13

    Puppy heaven!

    That sounds like a great way to spend the day!!!
  8. Paper-Dogg13

    On our way to our 1st title!

    I'm not too concerned about going off leash, as we have practiced, but we'll see how it goes. Most of the pictures DH got today were blurry, but he did get a couple cute ones. :)
  9. Paper-Dogg13

    On our way to our 1st title!

    Well, we did it!!!! Charlie Paper got his Rally Novice title today and....... 1st place with a score of 97!!!! firsticon We move up to Rally Advanced tomorrow! He was a super star!!! I'm so proud of him!
  10. Paper-Dogg13

    On our way to our 1st title!

    Just had to brag about our 2nd show experience!! appicon Charlie Paper got his 2nd leg in Rally Novice today, and we still have 2 more days of showing! We scored a 95 out of 100! However, we were not in the ribbons as there were 2 scored of 99 & 3 scores of 97. BUT...not too bad for our 2nd show...
  11. Paper-Dogg13

    Life with 2 boxers....

    Very very very cute pictures!!!! Looks like Johann & Henrik are getting along very well!!! Congrats on your newest addition!!!
  12. Paper-Dogg13

    Nova Program

    I have this on my Instant Queue on Netflix & can't wait to watch it!!
  13. Paper-Dogg13

    Everyone mistakes my bella for a Pit Bull.

    Charlie Paper gets mistaken for a pit bull more often than not. It doesn't help that our other dog is an AmStaff, so they think the see some resemblance between the two. I usually politely correct them that he is in fact a boxer, and no, white boxers are not "rare", since that is usually the...
  14. Paper-Dogg13

    Good Ambassador

    I have to brag a little about Charlie Paper. He LOVES to go to the barn with me when I go see my horse, Teddy, and the owner of the property where I board him has 2 young sons. Well, not only does EVERYONE at the barn love Charlie Paper, but so does the owners youngest son. After much...
  15. Paper-Dogg13

    I love having a dog that listens

    Good job Juno!!! I remember the first time things clicked with Charlie Paper & he began to listen. :) I'm sure it is a combination of the training you've done & the maturity level rising. Hopefully you haven't jinxed yourself & she'll continue to impress you & make you proud of her...
  16. Paper-Dogg13


    Merry Christmas to you guys (and everyone who celebrates this holiday on BW) as well from Charlie Paper & Naia!!!
  17. Paper-Dogg13

    Happy Christmas!! - Love, Boston

    Those are so cute!!
  18. Paper-Dogg13

    Darby singing

    That was so cute!!! Thanks for the laugh!
  19. Paper-Dogg13

    Bode's Christmas Pics (11 months old)

    Handsome boy!!!!
  20. Paper-Dogg13

    Christmas Pictures 2010

    This is our first Christmas as a married family, so of course we had to make sure we got good Christmas photos of our babies! Enjoy!! Happy holidays to all of our BoxerWorld friends!!!