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  1. imperia1999

    Finally getting results

    We have been going to the vets for a while now to try and find out why juke is limping just found out that juke has arthritis in his front feet, he has been limping on and off for a while now but been on medication but not worked.They have finally took xrays now but cant see anything wrong at...
  2. imperia1999

    so vain

    When we come downstairs or come in from outside and walk up the hallway they is a full size mirror on the wall at the end hallway, Juke is always the first to walk towards the mirror we have noticed he looks in the mirror quite a lot. We dont know if he is checking to see if we are still behind...
  3. imperia1999

    new tv advert

    Anyone else seen the new tv advert for vax hovers it has a boxer in a harness floating with balloons , it a fawn boxer with its tail still in one piece it was on sky channel 105 channel five.
  4. imperia1999

    Another frustrating issue

    It might just be me but another frustrating issue i have is when i am out with juke at park or beach , i am throwing the ball and running with juke and have a good time . I see other people walking they dog without a lead on like me and juke, but when they get closer to me andsee me and juke...
  5. imperia1999

    Any male dog problems

    Just wondering if any one has the same issue as me when i am at park with juke and playing ball, some other male dogs come upto juke and try to get frisky with him. Juke did get neutered when he was younger before we got him, so i dont know if it was the same when male dogs came and had a look...
  6. imperia1999

    In the dog house

    I am in the dog house again i took some holiday days off end of last week, so i decided to have a few hours sleep extra in the morning. Juke was ok with the extra sleep and got up when i got up, but i put him out of his normal routine and he would not eat at all during the day. I thought he was...
  7. imperia1999

    Why dont people clean up after themselfs

    Why is it so annoying that people dont clean up after they dogs have gone to toilet, everywhere you go they is mess on the floor. I took juke to the local park for his run and i stood in a pile of dog mess hid by leaves, and today lost jukes favorite ball trying to clean it after it also fell...
  8. imperia1999

    juke missing someone to bark at

    We had to get cocoa the cat put to rest this week due to kidney failure and other problems she had , she was 16 years old and not getting any younger. Juke loved to go and tease her and just start to bark at her and try and play ball with her, she would have nothing to do with juke apart from...
  9. imperia1999

    What is the average weight of the boxer

    We took juke for his yearly booster and general check up, everything was fine in his check up but the vet did say he could do to lose some weight. When we got juke a year ago he was 29.5 kilos and could see his ribs now he weighs 32.1 kilos, i know we give him a few treats but have to cut them...
  10. imperia1999

    Boxers favourite person

    Hi all i have just got a quick question has you boxer got a favourite person in your home, only reason i ask is that juke always follows me no matter were i go-i can go to the toilet - go on the PC or go in the garden and he is behind me. Its like having a piece of elastic stuck to me and juke...
  11. imperia1999

    Hello From Hull England

    Hello to you all i am Juke a 2 year old brindle white male living with my new family steve vanessa andrew and emily and i cant forget the cat cocoa, i have been with my new family for 4 days and i realy love my new family. I have been in foster care for a couple of weeks with some nice people...