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  1. brwneyesk8

    Problem!!!! Puppy and our pool!!

    I agree with Vela. Something must be fenced in....the pool or a separate area for the dogs to run. Even if he is taught how to swim.....he could have a hard time getting OUT of the pool no matter how good a swimmer he is. I hope things work out for you. I can't imagine how freaked you must...
  2. brwneyesk8

    letting dog rome house...?

    I can't really remember exactly what age we let Porter stay out of his crate. We would leave him out for a little time, then more time, then even more time....and it really didn't take all that long until we trusted him out all day. He ate a plant once, and a book....maybe a flip flop but only...
  3. brwneyesk8

    Are 2 better than 1?

    Get another!!! It will be a huge adjustment..but everything comes with time. Soon you'll never remember having just one and neither will your Emma!! Keep us posted!!! I'm excited for you!!!!!
  4. brwneyesk8

    Two Girls Lost

    my condolences.... what a difficult time this must be for you. You and your furbabies will be thought of and prayed for more then you know. I'm sure everyone here will keep you and yours in their thoughts. I am sorry for your loss and I do hope things get easier for you soon.
  5. brwneyesk8

    So proud....

    Oh what a well behaved pup!!! Mush is a very good boxer and should be rewarded with many many treats every day!!! :D Congrats on your training paying off!!!!
  6. brwneyesk8

    What color looks Smashing on your boxer?

    Porter looked great in red, but I loved him in this dark green collar I got for him. He used to curl up in a navy blue blanket....that looked nice on him too.
  7. brwneyesk8

    Hello, new member aboard

    Welcome!! You'll love it here!!! Hope you find all the answeres and boxerbuddies here that you're looking for.
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    Thanks for the ideas! Looks like it'll be the seatbelt that wins out as the airlines seem like they'll only take small dogs. can't say I blame 'em.....:(
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    After reading the post by Beanieh today about her family losing their dog in a car accident I decided to ask a question about seatbelts. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for it but it does have to do with their health......if you need to shift this over I understand. I'm also going to...
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    Please, please buckle up

    I am sorry your family had to go through that... Please extend our thoughts to your sister and brother-in-law...we hope they have a speedy recovery....from wounds both physical and emotional. That is a terrible thing to happen to anyone and I wish our poor defenseless pups didn't have to go...
  11. brwneyesk8

    I guess the Xmas tree won out over Sasha...

    Oh poor baby!! I know that stuff is scary. Glad she's getting better!! Hope she can stay in the holiday spirit! Here are some licks from Porter for her. Let us know how gating the tree does for her!
  12. brwneyesk8

    Thanksgiving Day Workers

    YAY! Home from work! Taking a job at a hospital I knew I'd be pulling holidays and am agreeable to it.....this was my first and it was just harder to deal with then I thought it would be. Talked to my fiance tonight just before getting on BW and he helped me feel better. Thanks for replying...
  13. brwneyesk8

    Please post weight and age of your dog

    Porter will be 3years old on December 27th.....and right now he's 80lbs. He's one solid (but kinda short) pup!! Don't tell him I said he was short!!! He swears the other male boxers are all on stilts!!!! LOL
  14. brwneyesk8

    Scabs and missing hair on back?

    Hmmm.... could be mange starting up and your vet should not have brushed it off so easily. But it could be something else too. Porter has had a few spots on his rump that have been missing hair since he was younger then 8wks old. Hair just never grew back. Never spread either. The skin...
  15. brwneyesk8

    family feud (long)

    You've made me smile, too!!! Sometimes a dog just has to say 'Enough!!'. Not a thing wrong with that...unless you are the dethroned Queen...but then I guess she'll get over it. ;) Thanks for sharing your story! I needed a smile tonight and the thought of 3 dogs hamming it up in a mud puddle...
  16. brwneyesk8

    Why I'm Thankful for Boxers

    Dear Dan, Maggie, Susie and Rider, You four have made one of the strongest bonds possible. You four are amazing in your strength, love, devotion and courage. Your story is one that I believe had been planned out so meticulously so as to save you, Dan, but to show you just how loyal you...
  17. brwneyesk8

    Thanksgiving Day Workers

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! Especially to all of us that are working today!! I'm bummed b/c this is the first Thanksgiving I've had to work....EVER...and am states away from my family, fiance and FurBaby, so I can't even get to them for the weekend. Working 12hrs today 11am to 11pm...
  18. brwneyesk8

    Need Yr Advice Or Opinions Plz

    If you want to put stuff in his food, Olive oil is great. I normally put about a tablespoon in his dish when I put stuff in his food. Stir it up real good. :) It's great for his coat!! Makes it awfully shiny!! I don't use tuna but I have used chicken. If I'm grilling I'll do an extra...
  19. brwneyesk8

    My Boxer Almost Died Yesterday (Warning about collars)

    Oh my God that's horrible, Paul!!!! I am so relieved to hear Drago's allright!! You must have been petrified. Wow just thinking about it makes me worry for all the dogs out there. How is Drago doing now?? What did the vet have to do and will there be any long term effects?? How horrible...
  20. brwneyesk8

    Need Yr Advice Or Opinions Plz

    If you're sure it's not something the vet should check out..... They just do this. I fell into this trap with Porter. Once they know that if they turn their nose up at their plain food that you'll give them tasty stuff in it....they'll wait a long time! Unless you do want to be creative...