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  1. drsgfan

    My boxer won't stop jumping our fence, please help!

    She has done it when she is outside with my other boxer and when we are outside also. I can't babysit them 24 hours a day. I can leave my male boxer outside when I am not home and he has never jumped, she on the other hand will. I have to young kids and am busy with after school activities, I...
  2. drsgfan

    My boxer won't stop jumping our fence, please help!

    We have a 6 1/2 foot block wall around our backyard. We have a 3 year old female boxer that we adopted 1 1/2 ago. She is a great dog but continues to jump our fence. We have tried trainging her and even tried using an invisable fence and she goes right threw it. We are at our end of the rope...
  3. drsgfan

    How much food does your boxers go through?

    I thought it was not good to change their food? Or is it okay if it is the same brand?
  4. drsgfan

    How much food does your boxers go through?

    I am feeding them Kahoots lamb and rice. The first five ingredients are: Lamb meal, ground brown rice, brewers rice, chicken meal, oatmeal. They were getting Iams but this was a little cheeper and the lady that works at the pet store has her Rottwilers on it and said they do very well on it...
  5. drsgfan

    Need a recipe for a dog cake

    Perfect! Thank you, I can't wait to see if they like it. I think I will mix yogurt and peanute butter for the frosting. Sammy is a peanute butter freak!
  6. drsgfan

    Need a recipe for a dog cake

    Sammy's birthday is next month and my daughter (7yrs.) wants to give him a birthday cake. Does anyone have a cake recipe that is for dogs?
  7. drsgfan

    Which food should I purchase next?

    Are you referring to dogs that only have allergies? I thought changing dog food was not a good thing to do.
  8. drsgfan

    How much food does your boxers go through?

    They are getting 3 1/2 to 4 cups a day of dry food. I recently heard that cats need to have canned food in their diet or they can have health problems. I always thought dry food was all they needed. Is this the same for dogs? Mine only get dry food, once in a great while I will give them canned...
  9. drsgfan

    How much food does your boxers go through?

    I have two boxers. My male is about 70 pounds and my female is about 60. I go through a 40 pound bag in less then a month. It is good quality food, so I was wondering if that is normal amount of food to go through? You guys with more then one boxer how much are you going through in one month? My...
  10. drsgfan

    Another boxer?

    If you are willing to have the time for a second boxer I would say go for it. We already had Sampson and decieded to get another one. I am so glad we did having two boxers is so much fun. Sammy is our class clown and Ruby is our calm polite princess. I have always had two dogs at a time and...
  11. drsgfan

    Rain in CA, not good.

    Well we finally are having some winter weather in Riverside, CA and my dogs are not happy. It has been raining and I literally have to drag the dogs outside to go potty. Sammy has a terrified look on his face as if the rain is hurting him. He goes potty while he is looking up and around. It is...
  12. drsgfan

    I scared her, now she is afraid of me!

    We got Ruby this summer and she will be 3 in january. She acted the same way, if you move to fast, raise your voice, and even playing ball with Sammy gets her scared. She has gotten better but if you raise your voice at her she will want to go away from you. We can play chase with her now but...
  13. drsgfan


    Are there any boxer people in Riverside/Inland Empire, CA that would like to have boxer play dates? The dog park just doesn't have anough boxers for Sammy to play with. The only one I know of is to far.
  14. drsgfan

    Know she's a boxer...and are still afraid! (long)

    I too have experienced this with Sammy. I would take him with us when I walked my daughter (6years old) to school. When he was a puppy people said oh how cute but as he got bigger (which was very quickly) people would shy away from him. There was even this one lady who would actually take her...
  15. drsgfan

    My own personal exterminator

    Sammy too goes nuts over bugs. Mostly bees and crickets. You tell him theres a cricket and he freaks out and goes after it. It is so funny to watch! When flys touch his butt he freaks out like someone just hurt him and he looks all over the place for what just touched him while he has his butt...
  16. drsgfan

    Have you been boxed by your boxer?

    I was just wondering how many of us have been punched by our loving boxers. Last week I was playing with sammy. We were play tug with his cuz and all of a sudden bam! I got punched in the eye. That was my first time getting punched in the eye and oh did it hurt! Sammy stopped right away and...
  17. drsgfan

    Dog Kennel?

    I went and got one today. She is doing well on it and I only have her on it when I am home to keep an eye on her. I can getting my cleaning done without having to worry about her jumping the fence or keeping her away from my indoor cat. It is only a temporay thing anyway. She will still come in...
  18. drsgfan

    Dog Kennel?

    I was also wondering about thoes ties you put in the ground and attach you dog to them. It would just be used when I am home and need to have her outside for a while. Does anyone know about these and if they are safe?
  19. drsgfan

    Dog Kennel?

    I will have to check that out. Thanks
  20. drsgfan

    Dog Kennel?

    That may be an idea. That would take alot of chicken wire though.