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    How old are your Boxers? Curious on oldest dog here

    ABBY turned 6 years old on May 24 of this year.
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    Shake, shake, shake...

    ABBY does the same exact thing at around 5:00 o'clock every morning. And she'll do it continuously until I get up and let her out. I'LL have to stay awake until she wants back in, and by the it time it takes her to do whatever piddle-farting around, I will have been up so long that it's almost...
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    She's A Real Tough Boxer (huh)

    Ever since ABBY got attacked in her own back yard she has been a little timid about going out after dark. Even though I have repaired the fence where two dogs tore under it, she still won't venture out to the that area after the sun has set unless I am with her. But never the less, at night when...
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    How does your boxer sleep ?

    It's funny. Usually ABBY will always start out the night sleeping with me. If I decide to sleep on the couch, she will jump up on end of the couch and curl up at my feet. If I sleep in the bed, she will stretch out beside me and put her head on my arm. But, no matter where I start out at, she...
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    ABBY got attacked last Sunday night. I had let her go outside for awile, when I heard all this raucous out in my back yard. Apparently, there were two stray dogs, in my own back yard, attacking ABBY. One was a large, black and tan hound and the other was some kind of mixed breed dog that I've...
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    nicknames =) what endearing names do you give you pups ?

    I've had so many nicknames for ABBY, it's hard for me to remember them all. They have ranged from Wiggle Butt to Turdhead. Right now it's Monkeybutt.
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    Early this morning at 4:30 o'clock a.m., ABBY woke me up needing to outside. It was one of those mornings where I could not go back to sleep, no matter what. So, I figured that I would just stay up, fire up my old computer, and mess around awile. I had let ABBY back in and fed her and she wanted...
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    What's the craziest thing your boxer has ever done?

    It's hard to single out just one thing. But, the one that I'll always remember happened a couple of years ago. It was around X-mas time and my best friend and his wife had came up to Wichita Falls, where I lived at the time. They had came up to finish up their shopping and go out to eat. When we...
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    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    Well, guess what. My AC shot its wad and quit working last Sunday and it is 'HOT' inside my house. Poor ABBY just can't take it. I've got every fan that I own positioned in and around the house, but all they do is blow the hot air around. But, back to ABBY. She is so miserable. She just walks...
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    Our boxers do Somersaults - does yours?

    ABBY used to do them when she was younger and smaller. At first I thought that she was just being clumsy. Until one day I saw her do two, one right after the other and I thought to myself, "Hey! What a cool dog." But I could never get her to do one on command or when there was someone else...
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    She's Got Her Bark Back

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a thread, commenting on ABBY losing her ability to bark. I guess I should have waited a few days before posting it though, because it was thank goodness, just a temporary thing with her. Now she has started barking at just about anything and everything and I can't...
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    Lost her bark

    Have you ever heard of a Boxer that has lost their ability to bark. ABBY has just turned five years old and has lost hers. Whenever she tries to bark, she can only make what sounds like a high pitched 'eeurk'. She started doing it during the middle of last week, and at first I found it kind of...
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    Tis the season for Fire Works :(

    I don't have any problems with other people setting off fireworks. ABBY tends to shy away from them and doesn't like all the noises and loud bangs that they make. My concern is that this year it has been so dry around here and that any errant spark could be potentially hazardous as to igniting a...
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    Scared S***less!

    Yesterday afternoon ABBY almost scared me to death. I was sitting in the living room watching the NASCAR race on tv, she was outside. All of a sudden I heard her start making horrible noise. It sounded like she was gagging and choking on something, trying to throw up. As soon as she noticed that...
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    Snuff Dog

    ABBY has a new habit. I dip Copenhagen Snuff, and for last couple of weeks whenever she notices me reaching for the can to take a dip, she will always be right there behind me waiting to lick my fingers. I don''t know why she does it. But, it so funny to stand there and watch. She makes some of...
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    OH the gas

    When we used to live in Wichita Falls, ABBY was known to have gas that could and would not only clear the room, but the entire house. I also tried the yogurt thing, but couldn't notice a change. It wasn't until we moved to Bryson, TX did it become noticeable to me that whenever she does fart, it...
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    Escape Artist

    Yesterday afternoon I was in the garage working on my riding lawnmower while ABBY was supposed to be out in the back yard. As I was squatting down at the mower, airing up the front right side tire, I saw this brown blur streak pass by the corner of the garage and the front end of my pick-up. I...
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    One Thing

    I love ABBY and the way she gets so excited everytime I say to her "Lets get geared up". She is always ready to go for a pick-up ride. Even if it's just around the block.
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    what is the size of your boxer

    ABBY is amost 5 yrs old now and she weighs about 60 lbs.
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    Taking a Header

    This morning when I got up it had snowed overnight, as predicted. It was about 5:30 a.m. and still dark outside and what I couldn't realize was how deep the snow actually was. What I could tell that ABBY needed to go out really bad. So I opened the sliding door to let her out. Like I said, I had...