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    Skin Spot

    I noticed this scab looking thing about 2 weeks ago. It didn't bothering Bailey when i touched it. But it was a bump on his back that I had never seen before so I started watching it. It was under his hair and has been this grey/black color ever since I noticed it. Just today the hair started...
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    Toby at 15 weeks!

    So Cute!!!!
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    UTI go away on its own?

    Thanks guys! We actually did go to the vet today and they put her on some antibiotics. They said that they didn't see any sign of red blood cells which would mean that she had a UTI but they did see lots of bacteria! Hoping for an energetic puppy this weekend!
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    UTI go away on its own?

    So my 3 year old Beta started having a real hard time last Saturday holding her pee. She was having accidents ALL over the house every 15 minutes or so. Then she started going only a little bit and there would be small traces of blood. After this she would squat around the house like she was...
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    Beautiful Belle!

    Posting Pictures You have to upload the pictures to a place like flickr and then attach the link to the thread! Cant wait to see your little one :)
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    Some pictures of our boxer Fred.

    He is so so so ADORABLE! I love the one where he is sleeping on the blanket. My lil one sleeps like that all the time...but as soon as I get up to get a camera she wakes up and is right by my feet again. Love it!
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    "Then and Now" photos?

    Love this idea! I love looking back at how much mine have grown and how much their personalities have changed so much since I got them. Here is Beta at 3 weeks (Picture from the breeder) beta 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Here is Beta at 2 years old IMG_0563 | Flickr - Photo Sharing...
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    My baby, Miya :)

    Oh my! Oh my she is just so so precious!
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    Love the boxer nap!

    I am sure that all of our pups have done this every now and then. He is so asleep too...I absolutely love it! bailey1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    First Snow Pics

    So cute! She looks like she loves it :) She is beautiful.
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    Chaucer turned 12 weeks old today

    Oh MY GOODNESS! He is precious! Great pictures!
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    Guinness and Bailey at 6 Months!

    Bailey Which one is Bailey? The mostly Fawn one or the one with white on its face? I have a Bailey as well and the mostly fawn one looks SO SO SO much like mine. I had to keep looking because even the expressions are just like mine. I will upload a picture soon so you can see!
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    New puppy..should we or shouldn't we?

    We have a female and a male and they are perfect! When I introduce my other dog who is a male sometimes my male boxer gets very protective of the female but there has never been any real issues. Good Luck!
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    Adopted a boxer/mastiff stray

    I have a boxer/mastiff as well! You will love the breeds :) Thanks for more that I dont have to ;) Do you have a picture of your new baby?
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    Crusty Jawls

    He has had this problem for about 5 months now. It has just started to get worse. He eats out of a stainless steel bowl, but him and my other boxer share water out of a plastic bowl. We also live in an apartment so he is not outside unattended at all. I walk him and he doesnt eat or get into...
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    Crusty Jawls

    Its not his jawls near his teeth. His teeth and gums are really healthy. Its more like an injury that bleeds and gets all infected and then scabs up. The scab is like dried blood though. He is a Boxer/Mastiff mix so his jawls are HUGE! I have attached some pictures, maybe that will help. This...
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    Crusty Jawls

    My boxer gets dark red crusty stuff all under his jawls. Even with me wiping up his jawls after he eats and drinks it still get crusty and red. He scratches at it all the time and when I try to clean it up you can tell that it hurts him. Anyone else have this same issue? I wanted to get some...
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    Bleeding Jaws

    So my 5 year old boxer has started bleeding under his jaws. It is raw and bleeds, I have not been able to figure out why or when it started. We always used to clean out this crusty stuff from under his jaws but just thought that it was food that was stuck under there. He is a super messy eater...
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    Jada's in my hat

    You forgot to add the picture!
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    Figured I'd introduce Maia to everyone...

    OH My! She is absolutley precious! I couldn't stop looking into those eyes! Thanks for sharing.