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    orijen/really loose stool??? (long)

    We fed Bella Origen when she was a puppy as well, and had nothing but loose stool for about a month. We spoke to our vet about it, and she told us that it might be too protein rich for her little puppy tummy. We switched her to Fromm Puppy Gold (still a 5 star food from...
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    Petsmart Training

    Private training won't do anything for the dog either if the owner doesn't "obey the commands" of the trainer, and be consistent when they aren't training. Unless the trainer is with the dog full time, they'll learn more from the bad habits you instill in the dog the 98% of the time you aren't...
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    A trip up a mountain

    No I wasn't. She's very good off leash, and never strays too far. She'll run ahead about 30 or 40 m then stop and turn around and make sure we're still there. She's just a year and her recall is pretty reliable now. If I just walk away, she'll always run to catch up. That being said, I'd...
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    A trip up a mountain

    Sorry for the delay. It was in Gatineau, Quebec.
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    A trip up a mountain

    Here's some pics of Bella's trip up a mountain with our friend's boxer (and Bella's sister), and an afternoon chillin in the back yard... Bella May 2010 :: Bella slideshow by allisauce - Photobucket
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    Limp/Hop when running

    Hi there The other day, Bella was running int he park, and when she came running back to us, she had a funny hop in her gait. The hop was on on of her back legs. Now, she doesn't favour the leg at any other time... she walks without a limp, she can maneuver stairs fine, jump on and off the...
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    making noise to pee

    For us, we've taught Bella to ring the Bell when she wants outside... we didn't even need to show her how to ring the bell... we simply rang the bell every time we opened the door over the course of a weekend. She figured it out, and the first time she rang it on her own we made sure to spring...
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    Some more pictures

    Bella @ 6-7 months... Bella 6 -7 months :: bella 6-7 Months slideshow by allisauce - Photobucket
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    A funny thing happened - it got really cold, and she doesn't complain anymore. :)
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    Hi there, It's getting colder outside, and I've read that in a colder climate a Boxer should have some sort of coat if they are going to be outside (due to the short fur). Now, Bella won't be left outside for hours upon hours, but from time to time we might go to the park to run around or on...
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    Clicker Training

    We just got ours from Petsmart... I don't think the brand matters so much as the fact that it's used properly. Technically, it's just a noise, and you could "load" a snap of your fingers just as easily. That being said, this si the one we got: StarMark Clicker dog training clicker
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    Dog jumps on everyone

    We've also been teaching Bella to sit when she meets people. She used to jump on everyone, but when she meets people now, we make sure she's on the leash and we ask everyone who meets her to not touch her until she's sitting. Once she's sitting they can pet her as much as they want, and give...
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    Clicker Training

    We clicker trained ours, and we found it to be extremely successful. Once the clicker is 'loaded', we found it much easier to mark the proper behaviour at the beginning of training. For example, when we were teaching her lie down, she was very reluctant, and the moment her belly would touch...
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    Orijen and loose stools

    Whoops, it's spelled "Fromm" if you're looking for it. Fromm Family Foods - Gold Nutritionals Holistic Recipes We'll be switching her over to their "all life stages" food in the next little while. Fromm Family Foods - Four-Star Gourmet Dog Food
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    Orijen and loose stools

    Just to add: we had the exact same issue. We gradually brought Bella onto the Orijen food, and her stool was very loose. We kept her on it for a while hoping her system would "firm it up", but it never did. We spoke to our vet who pointed to the high protein content. We changed her cold...
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    Pearl @ the Dog Park

    Our Bella is the same way... she's pretty much the same age, and we weaned her onto the park the same way... we went the first couple times and only went in if there were a only a couple of dogs there... otherwise we'd just keep driving. Throughout the park there are picnic tables which she'd...
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    loose stool

    We had this issue when we first got Bella. We had her on Orijen puppy to begin with, and her stool was really loose. We spoke to our vet (and people here) and determined that the Orijen might be too protein rich. We switched her to Framm dog food, and everything ever since has been just fine...
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    How much exercise is too much?

    Thanks for the reply. Our walks are at "her pace"... she tends to keep them pretty up-tempo though. :)
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    Our little one

    Thank everyone... we're very proud of her... just started intermediate puppy school, shes learning everyday. We will post more as we go.
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    How much exercise is too much?

    Hi there, Been lurking around here for the last couple months, and now have a question... how much exercise is too much? I've read you don't want to exercise them too much when they're young to not hurt them as they're growing. I've read that 5 minutes of walk time per month of age is...