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    Dora - CGCB

    Hey Jan There are four levels of CGC in NZ. Top one is Gold - not sure that Dora will ever get to this level, but we can but try :lol: and I can be embarrassed in the process :D I find CGC a lot of fun fun and there are all sorts of different dogs and people.
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    Dora - CGCB

    Dora passed her bronze yesterday in CGC assessment (she did foundation in July) appicon It was a bit touch and go with the recall - she went all "feral witch" on me dohicon but everything else went really well. Of courise on training nights she does the recall just perfectly foolicon. Proud...
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    Our new puppy Roxie

    She is just lovelylovicon I would say a largish girl probably, but then I have a small girl at just 24 kilos (around 52 pounds). Dora is leggy and lean. Enjoy your lovely girl and I look forward to seeing more photos in the future.
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    Hi from Louisiana

    Awesome story and so glad you found each other! But the poor boy being left out in the woods for dead. :(
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    Passed CGC Foundation

    appicon Dora passed her CGC Foundation assessment on the weekend :D We have been working towards this for the past six months. There was a big obedience trial day going on at the same time as we were being assessed and she kept her concentration for hours on end. She was such a good girl...
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    Pretty Sophie: concern

    Your hubby may come round yet. When I had to put Diva to sleep I swore that I would never get another dog and certainly not another boxer. Fate (and a friend on a mission) intervened and just five months later Dora came to live with me. I swore that would never feel the same way about her as...
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    Contrary Dog

    Sounds like my house - Dora has her own bed in front of the woodburner (winter here) and she is allowed on either couches. Where do I find her most of the time - on my bed. Whilst she does love her bed in front of the woodburner it seems that my bed is even better - for a not too big boxer -...
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    Rocky and Dharma updates!

    They both look great and Dharma looks so well and happy. I remember when you were rescuing her and her story still brings tears to my eyes. She is one lucky boxer girl cool2icon
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    Post I hoped i'd never have to write.

    I am so pleased to hear that Diesel is doing well. Great news lovicon
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    I don't want to wear them!

    Oh yes, I laughed too! Silly girl :lol:
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    Gina critically injured

    How is Gina doing today?
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    Won't stop barking @ new couch

    That is hilarious :lol: He probably thinks you've bought him a new toy! cool2icon
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    Gina critically injured

    Oh man I am so sorry for you guys. Sending lots of healing vibes from the North Island to you guys in the South. Gina is young and fit and so I am sure that she will do well with you caring for her. Kia kaha
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    Slipping her collar!

    I would also suggest a martingale collar. I use one with Dora and it works well. I also used one with Diva.
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    Post I hoped i'd never have to write.

    Diva when she was from memory 9 years old also had her spleen removed (I thought she was bloating, but turns our that a tumour the size of a golf ball had ruptured on her spleen and that she was bleeding internally). Diva's turned out to be a haemgiosarcoma. Diva did not undergo chemo and she...
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    Creek 3/23/2001 - 4/17/2014

    I am so very sorry to hear about Creek's passing. I remember hers, and Caney's, stories from years back when my Diva was youngster. Even though Creek had a long life for a boxer, I know from experience that it doesn't make it any easier. Run free at the Bridge Creek and hugs and kisses to you...
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    My baby boy is very sick.

    He is a beautiful boy and I am so sorry that he and you are facing this. Enjoy your remaining time with Cobi.
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    Won't stop barking @ new couch

    I had a similar problem when I had Monty and I changed vehicles - he barked at the new car in the garage off and on for three days days solid and it took a week before he would get in it :lol: Treats seemed to do the trick for him. Have had similar issues recently with Dora and umbrellas and...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Kia ora and welcome to BW from a fellow kiwi :D
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    we have perkey ears!!!!! yay!!!!! :)

    Great pics and it is awesome to see how well Bentley is settling in lovicon And OMG Arabella's ears crack me up - just love them :D