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  1. Kisaq

    Looking handsome!!!!!!

    That's a big day for a big hansom boy!! He's looking wonderful! So glad he found you. :)
  2. Kisaq

    I can't believe three weeks have passed!!!!!!! ahhhhh

    What a wonderful couple of boxers you have there. :) I haven't been on BW much lately either! It is a busy time of year. I'm still working on getting my garden in, but the mosquitoes are so bad I can only take a few hours a day out there before I'm chased back inside. Kisaq has been...
  3. Kisaq

    puppy anxiety

    11 weeks old is very young ... your pup is still learning to live without his/her litter mates. And you may have inadvertently made the situation worse by responding in the wrong ways to you're pup's protests. I would urge you to go pick up a book called "I'll be home soon" by Patricia...
  4. Kisaq

    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Canning jar
  5. Kisaq

    Puppy Playdate Gone Bad....

    Honestly, there is no way to know what happened after the fact. You need to find yourself a qualified behaviorist to determine where your dog is at regarding socialization with other dogs. It's quite likely he was feeling a bit unsure or overwhelmed by the bigger dogs who were part of their own...
  6. Kisaq

    my new foster, scared senior girl

    How is this old lady doing? I don't do facebook so I can't follow there. I hope it is working out for her. Bless you for taking her in and giving her somewhere secure to relax and hopefully heal.
  7. Kisaq

    Any Boxer rescues in Alaska?

    Yup. No boxer rescues in AK. You can contact some of the breeders - they will occasionally have a puppy returned as an adult, or a show prospect that hasn't worked out for some reason that they want to re-home or retire. I wanted a rescue also, and eventually had to travel to LA to get my...
  8. Kisaq

    we have perkey ears!!!!! yay!!!!! :)

    Hurray!! I haven't been on in a while and I've been itching to log in to find out how Bentley is doing!! You are doing a GREAT job with him. He looks so much better already! And wow... doesn't he just love his little sister. :) She will benefit a great deal having his calming spirit...
  9. Kisaq

    Over a year old...still not housebroken?

    Are you sure your vet checked for a UTI when you last visited? It won't show up without a test. If it truly is not physical, I would go back to basics. Keep her leashed to you at all times when she is not crated. That way you can start to recognize her signals for needing to go out. And...
  10. Kisaq

    here I go again....

    Arabella is quite the Mommy's girl. :0 Pick up the book "I'll be home soon," by Patricia McConnell. Separation Anxiety book | Dog Training book | Patricia McConnell It will help you set up a system for Miss princess before SA becomes a real problem (very hard to fix once it's set in)...
  11. Kisaq

    Bentley is looking better already !

    Ha ha! He's looking wonderful. :) I just noticed how similar his markings are to Arabella's! You are going to have quite a little matching pair there. :D Cant wait till they get to meet each other.
  12. Kisaq

    Who wants a puppy fix?!

    One can always do with a puppy fix in the afternoon!! :D Thanks for the photos. She is darling.
  13. Kisaq

    Not a candidate for being an emergency rescue dog, obviously

    At least she probably won't take to howling along with the siren!! :D
  14. Kisaq

    here I go again....

    I am so happy for you all. Arabella may be the one that will find it the most difficult to adjust, so be sure to keep giving her the same attention as you always have (I'm sure you will). :) It's actually probably a good thing that they are in the house together but separate for a while...
  15. Kisaq

    "Hip-Hip" Hooray

    That's wonderful. :) Be thankful it's only bunny hopping for the time being. Just wait till it gets to be Kangaroo hopping!! Kisaq (for the first time ever) decided he wanted to test being a circus dog, and hopped on his back legs (front legs waving in the air) for about five hops without...
  16. Kisaq

    here I go again....

    Match made in heaven!!! Yippee!! Lucky lucky Bentley boy! Oh... When you talk to the vet about the ACE, also ask if they do bathing. They might. You could ask that they bathe him first before the surgery. They will understand if you explain. Perhaps even if you are able to go into the...
  17. Kisaq

    here I go again....

    ... waiting for Tuesday... holding breath ...
  18. Kisaq

    Caesar 911 - Unfairing Boxers ??

    The one with the blue eye looks much more like an American Bull Dog to me. Even in the video. And the boxer (?) looks like it's just trying to fit in and figure out what the other one is freaking out about. :(
  19. Kisaq

    here I go again....

    Oh my gosh! He's beautiful. I hope he's eating while in the shelter. Some boxers wont. :( Holds are put on for many reasons. Perhaps he was a stray and they are waiting to see if the owners show up. I doubt they will looking at how skinny he is. But you never know he might be an escapee...
  20. Kisaq

    Separation? Walking around growling and barking

    Why is your dog out in the yard by himself when you leave the house? Have you ever crate trained him?