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  1. MichBoxerMom

    Switching to Raw

    Hello boxer buddies. I am seriously considering switching my almost 2 year old male to raw. He has had constant issues on kibble. The last bag he was on is TOTW roasted lamb (on for 1 year) started having gurgling tummy issues and some vomiting about a month ago so we switched to Fromm grain...
  2. MichBoxerMom

    probiotics or digestive enzymes? same thing....or different?

    Pancreatic enzymes are different than digestive enzymes!!
  3. MichBoxerMom

    Bloat risk factors

    Going to get rid of our raised feeder today. I was always told its best to use a raised feeder for digestion! Now I feel like a bad mommy! My boy vomits probably once a week a large volume of food. We always wait 1 hour after feeding before he is allowed to play but it happened last night after...
  4. MichBoxerMom

    Fresh Deer Antlers

    I would definitely DO IT!! My boy has had an elk antler for 3 months and loves it!! Why wont hubby help you?
  5. MichBoxerMom

    That girl of mine!

    All I gotta say is ......cray cray adorbs!!
  6. MichBoxerMom

    Digestive Issues

    Honest Kitchen.... You can check with your local pet food stores but I buy mine mostly online from them.. If you go to their website they have trial packets that you can get very inexpensively.Also if you sign up with them they will send you a coupon for $5 off. I talked to a rep there and she...
  7. MichBoxerMom

    Hi From Texas!

    Welcome to BW from West Michigan!!
  8. MichBoxerMom

    TPLO surgery - I knew I shouldnt have done it

    I would be asking for another xray just for my own piece of mind!! My biggest concern is the ACE though!! I have read so many articles that Boxers are not supposed to have ACE.. Please look into/Google this before you give more! Just my opinion but i would never ever ever give it to my boy!
  9. MichBoxerMom

    Separation anxiety? .....what do you think?

    I agree with Kisaq.... Our boy is almost 1.5yrs old and it doesn't get any better. I am also at home for the past 3 months but previously he was at doggie day care so he is never really been left for more than a few hours. When he is left which is maybe once or twice a month he drools...
  10. MichBoxerMom

    Digestive Issues

    I stated this on your other post... I feel your pain.... We have had problems since my boy was 8 months old and he is now 16months old. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After thousands in vet bills. I cooked chicken and rice for a few days and then switched a...
  11. MichBoxerMom

    Sensitive Tummy

    I feel your pain.... We have had problems since my boy was 8 months old and he is now 16months old. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After thousands in vet bills. I cooked chicken and rice for a few days and then switched a dehydrated food Honest Kitchen. The one I use...
  12. MichBoxerMom

    New Boxer Owners in Canada

    Welcome to Boxer World!! This is also my first boxer and my boy Cooper is 16months old. This is the most helpful website ever and I hope you come to love it as much as I do!
  13. MichBoxerMom

    Itchy/crusty eyes

    Sound like allergies...Have you tried benadryl.?
  14. MichBoxerMom

    Dog acne?

    I had to LOL about the paper towel... My Cooper has had acne since he was 6months old.. Actually right after his rabies vaccine! He is now 1.5 and sometimes its good and other times its bad. Right now its starting to come back and he has a few spots on his muzzle also. Just keep the face as...
  15. MichBoxerMom


    YES! I have this problems 1-2 times a month regardless of what I feed. I started adding digestive enzymes and probiotics by Mercola and it has helped but Boxer tummys can be a nightmare if you ask me! I always know when its going to happen now because he gets the shivers and then the tummy...
  16. MichBoxerMom

    Natures Domain grain free Costco

    Thanks for all the feedback _ I will let you know how it goes if we decide to give it a try!!
  17. MichBoxerMom

    TOTW could be my problem

    Jan Do you feed the Natures Domain or was this just a suggestion? I am wondering about using in rotation with TOTW or maybe not using TOTW any more. Seems I have to deal with horrible tummy issues once a week!
  18. MichBoxerMom

    Natures Domain grain free Costco

    I am considering using this in my rotation. Currently using TOTW Grain free Lamb but would like to try a different brand in my rotation. Is anyone still using this and how are your babies doing on it? Also which protein source do you use??
  19. MichBoxerMom

    Honest Kitchen Dog Food Sale

    My apologies these are not the normal sized samples that are normally priced at $3.50 they are smaller sized samples....
  20. MichBoxerMom

    Honest Kitchen Dog Food Sale

    For anyone that has been searching for a new food to try The Honest Kitchen has their sample sizes on sale right now for $1. This a great way to try several of their samples. This is how I ended up finding which food best worked with my dog. If you have a larger boxer (my boy is 70lb) I ordered...