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  1. packblt

    Thyroid Medication Question

    Hi Everyone, I know I have only been on here alot since our move but I could really use some help today. Bandit started acting very funny last week. He would start pacing like crazy and panting and shaking for what seemed like no reason. I thought at first he was going to throw up a foreign...
  2. packblt

    Bandit and Lola are loving Florida!!

    I can't believe we have been in FL since November 9th! The drive from NY was much easier than I had anticipated and my boxer pups are totally ok with not having a fence and LOVE being walked multiple times every day. Luckily, we never had to stay in the extended stay hotel. We were able to...
  3. packblt

    Needing advice about moving with dogs

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been on much in the last months as the craziness with planning the move to FL, finding a house there and selling our house here in NY has been quite consuming. But now the time has come and we are a little less than 60 days away from moving to FL and I really need some...
  4. packblt

    Very Itchy Tail?

    Hoping to get some help for Bandit. For a few days he has been very, very itchy just above his tail. He is generally not a dog that scratches a lot at all so this is very new, maybe the last few days. I did catch him on Sunday with a giant, fat, furry bumble bee but I took it away(he was...
  5. packblt

    Bandit is 6 years old!

    So my Bandit was 6 yesterday! He is the love that made me crazy for boxers:) It is so amazing that he has grown into such a wonderful boy from a crazy, obnoxious puppy that he once was. It was finally warm here yesterday so we got outside for a good long while and he got to play with...
  6. packblt

    Bandit and Lola and their pup pillow

    Both Bandit and Lola love to use our little puppy as their pillow. Good thing Tucker just adores them; I don't even exist if Bandit or Lola are awake and willing to play! Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  7. packblt

    Grain Free Buddy Biscuits!!

    I don't know how long they have been available, but we just found them! We used to buy Buddy Biscuits for our dogs but when we needed to switch Lola to grain free it was easier to buy only grain free treats so that she didn't mistakenly get treats/cookies with grain. We have been using the...
  8. packblt

    Darford Grain Free Treats - has anyone tried them?

    Just came across this line of treats at my local pet supply store. They come in 14 oz bags for about $7 - 8 or they come in the self-serve bins in bulk for $4.49 per pound. I have never purchased any items from self serve bins but have observed that they are popular and quick moving. Has...
  9. packblt

    Questions about marking

    My Bandit has always been a marker. He always needed to mark where Tyson went which was always the same spot in our potty area so that was fine. He even marks where Lola goes. Anything new that comes into the backyard is immediately marked, new patio furniture, potted plants, decorative...
  10. packblt

    New puppy, no new puppy, new puppy...possibly:)

    So last week I posted about a bulldog puppy that we were going to adopt. Well the girl that contacted me about adopting him has decided that she will most likely be keeping him herself. It turns out that he has extensive skin and allergy issues and she thinks the vet care is going to be...
  11. packblt

    So Proud of Bandit and Lola!

    Over the summer I have had 4 weeks vacation time that I took at different times. The first week I went to Florida with hubby for a little R&R and Bandit and Lola did very well with my two skinkids 22 & 25 tending to them around their work schedules. I started leaving Bandit and Lola out of...
  12. packblt

    English Bulldog Puppy OK with My Boxers?

    Received an email from a client today saying that her brothers stepson needs to rehome his 7 month old english bulldog puppy. Turns out they are expecting a baby (unplanned) and now realize they won't have enough room(or money) in their tiny Brooklyn apartment for the dog and a baby. It...
  13. packblt

    New Vets...finally may have found the right fit:)

    So my sister gave me the recommendation of a local practice in the next town that is three women vets. I took Lola a few weeks ago to the one she recommended and really liked her. I needed a refill on Bandit's Soloxine so I took him to meet one of the other vets. I really, really liked her...
  14. packblt

    Possible Kitten(s) behind our shed????

    Looking for some advice please:) So yesterday morning I was out watering the flowers in our back yard when I heard what I thought sounded like a kitten meowing from behind our shed. I peeked back there but didn't see anything. We have some extra outdoor furniture stored back there under a...
  15. packblt

    Happy Birthday Lola!!

    birthdayic My Lola girl (Lola Beans as I call her) is five years old today. Happy Birthday to my wonderful girl, luv u lots!! Unfortunately, it has been raining all day today and we didn't get out for a walk ,or a ride in the car, but we have special treats to celebrate:) birthdayic
  16. packblt

    Anyone have a boxercam?

    I would like to know what anyone is using to remotely check on their pups. Today Lola was sick in the crate with Bandit and they were both a mess when we got home. This morning I knocked over a small cup of frozen berries and they both ate some while I was cleaning them up. I was home for...
  17. packblt

    Happy 5th Birthday Tyson - Miss You

    Happy 5th Birthday Tyson! To my dear sweet boy, Happy Birthday. I hope you are running free and happy with no sickness and that there are lots of friends for you to celebrate with. I have missed you every day these last six months. Not one day has passed that I haven’t cried over you. I...
  18. packblt

    Bandit had head tremors again :( waiting for thyroid test result

    I may never again comment on how well things are going. It seems as if quite often when I comment about something that worked out well, things swing in the opposite direction. Just last week I said that Bandit had not had any head tremors since the first one, after being medicated for low...
  19. packblt

    Lola possible Cushings and vet says don't test???

    I'm really shocked and kind of horrified with our vet. I sent Lola's bloodwork to Hemopet for annual check and thyroid since she's never been tested yet. So results come back and her thyroid is slightly low but it also mentions that other things are out of line and if she has symptoms, follow...
  20. packblt

    Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats? Any feedback?

    Has anyone tried these? I came upon these at Sam's Club and thought I would try them. No corn, wheat or soy and made in the USA. They come in peanutbutter or cheddar flavored. They are not grain free as they do have rye flour as the primary ingredient. Kind of odd that I purchased a 5...