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  1. trc4941

    Low-Fat D Dog Food

    I'd welcome some advice on the best low-fat dog food that won't break the bank! Thanks
  2. trc4941

    What Happened!?

    Romeo is a 3 year old, neutered male. He was a perfect puppy - never had accidents, never chewed anything up. He is very smart. It takes me showing him a trick three times at the most and he's got it down. We walk 2 miles every morning where he's off leash on wooded trails running around...
  3. trc4941


    On Sunday, both Romeo and Luca got skunked! So I mixed up a batch of peroxide/baking soda/dish soap which is a true miracle concoction. But Romeo got sprayed right in the face and the the solution can't get in his eyes. So how do I clean his face? Is there anything that won't hurt his eyes...
  4. trc4941

    Morning Mystery Allergy

    Romeo and Luca both sleep in their own crates at night. They are also in their crates when we are at work and when we're away from home. For the last couple of months when Romeo gets up in the morning he's covered in hives. It doesn't seem to bother him, but we give him a Benadryl and the...
  5. trc4941


    I've read quite a few articles that suggest waiting to neuter for at least a year because of certain health issues. I plan on doing this and am wondering what others have experienced....good and bad.
  6. trc4941

    Nail Trimming

    Does anyone have any tips for trimming nails? Luca is being impossible. I've always played/handled his paws since he was a puppy and he never minded it. I think he's more frightened of the noise the clipper makes. I took him to Petco, the girl was able to do 3 paws but when she tried to do...
  7. trc4941

    How Much Poop Should A Boxer Poop?!

    Romeo is a little over 7 mos old. We feed him Canidae Large Breed Puppy food. He eats 2 cups for breakfast and 2 cups for supper. He is healthy and in beautiful condition. I'm guessing he's around 55 lbs. We walk for 45 minutes first thing in the morning, 1/2 hour at lunch and 45 minutes...
  8. trc4941

    Puppy Play?

    Well we must have been out of our minds because we just got another puppy this weekend. Romeo is almost 5 mos old and we now have a 8 wk old boxer/French mastiff mix - Luca. So you can imagine what a nut house we are now living in! My question there a limit as to how hard and long...
  9. trc4941

    My Heart Has Been Broken Again

    We lost our dear Rocco on Jan 31, 2013. Now it has happened again. My sweet honey bear, Dino had to euthanized on August 9th. He would have turned 7 in Sept. It was so horrible. He developed vestibular disease. It came on fast, sudden and so hard. He couldn't straighten out his body. He...
  10. trc4941

    Potty Training ?

    Romeo is 3-1/2 months old. We're having some problems with potty training. He sleeps through the night without a whimper (cuz he's snuggled up with me!). I take him out as soon as we get up in the morning and he poops and pees. When he wakes up from a nap I take him out immediately. I know...
  11. trc4941

    Our New Bundle of Joy!

    After Rocco passed away in January we were heartbroken, but new in our hearts we knew there would be another boxer in our lives. So 3 weeks ago we brought our new little guy home....Romeo. I'd like some opinions on his coloring. He's in my new avatar - is considered flashy? Is there such a...
  12. trc4941

    Flashy Question

    I know a flashy boxer cannot be over 1/3 white. But what is the least white a boxer can have to be considered flashy?
  13. trc4941

    Boxer Items For Sale

    I thought I'd let you all know about some cute boxer merchandise I've come across. If you're like me, anytime you see anything "boxer" you buy it! LTD Commodities has a boxer travel mug, outdoor pillow and a door stop. Also I found through Amazon a company called The Mountain. They have some...
  14. trc4941

    My Heart Is Broken

    Yesterday was as very sad day. Rocco had to be euthanized. He would have been 10 in April. He started having health problems last January starting with Lymes and then diagnosed with Cushings in May. This fall he started really going downhill. His quality of life just wasn't there anymore...
  15. trc4941


    Has anyone had any experience with MMM (masticatory muscle myositis)? It's an auto-immune disease that atrophies the chewing muscles.
  16. trc4941

    Cushing's Disease

    Well, it looks like my sweet Rocco has Cushing's disease. His urine test came back with high levels of cortisol. I'm now waiting for a call from the internist to set up an appointment for the next steps. I'm anxious to hear from anyone else that has dealt with this condition. Thanks
  17. trc4941

    Boxer On TV Alert!

    I saw the preview for The Office that will be on this Thurs night. It says something about Dwight's new replacement. Then it shows a boxer dressed like Dwight - gold shirt, tie and glasses sitting in his chair. Can't wait to see the whole episode.
  18. trc4941

    Our Aging Boxers

    I thought that a thread about what we might expect or how others have dealt the different aspects of aging boxers. Rocco will be 9 in April and I can't help thinking/worrying about what's to come. I know Boxers don't have a very long lifespan and I TRY not to think about it but it still comes...
  19. trc4941

    Ideas to Make Gravy Mix Taste More Homemade

    We're deep frying our turkey this year so there won't be any drippings. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make dry gravy mix or jarred gravy taste more homemade. Thanks and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  20. trc4941


    Dino, our 4 yr old, has been diagnosed with arthritis in his back. He was prescribed Rimadyl. He basically is still getting around ok. It's just that sometimes he slows down quite a bit and doesn't like to jump up on the couch or bed very often anymore (which I guess is a good thing in more...