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  1. HL Hendrix

    Acana vs Taste of the Wild?

    I have, and continue, to use all varieties of the Provincial brand of Acana. The first one I purchased and tried was the Pacifica because Hendrix wasn't doing well with another companies chicken formula. He did amazing and it is always my "go-yo" if any stomach issues start to arrise. I use...
  2. HL Hendrix

    acana pet food

    Hendrix Loves it I have fed Hendrix the grasslands and pacifica formulas and he has done very well with both. As a puppy he did not do well with anything with chicken in it, so we have never tried the wild prairie formula. On dog food analysis these provincial formulas get a star rating...
  3. HL Hendrix

    Stray Boxer at The Cottage (long)

    Where in Canada do you live? I am not happy with what I read at all.
  4. HL Hendrix

    Orijen Reginal Red to 6 fish

    I switch Hendrix every 2-3 bags. Usually switch him over a time period of a week starting at 75:25 then working up from there accordingly.
  5. HL Hendrix

    No grain dog food

    In Canada almost everything is more expensive than in the US. I paid $92 for the largest bag of Regional Red a little over a month ago. As for grainless without a high protein count, try the Acana Provincial line. It is made by the same company that makes Origen, but it has lower protein...
  6. HL Hendrix

    Orijen and loose stools

    I had the same issues with my pup when I tried him on orijen puppy. I used the large breed when I was still ignorant to the fact that boxers are medium sized dogs and really should not be fed large breed food due to that. I also see that your vet told you to do the switch over a day?? A...
  7. HL Hendrix

    which one?!?

    I agree with Jan, Science Diet is terrible. Also, vets don't get taught a lot about nutrition and most of the time the stuff they do get taught is by the major food companies like Hills (science diet), Iams, Purina etc. Please go to the website provided above ( and read...
  8. HL Hendrix

    Puppy snorting and choking after eating...

    Thank you, I should have been more clear. I have read that dogs that eat rapidly than excercise have a hightened risk of bloat. Dogs that eat at a moderate pace than excercise are at a less of a risk of bloat.
  9. HL Hendrix

    Puppy snorting and choking after eating...

    I would say that he is eating too fast. You can try a rock, or what I do it lay his food out on a towel which really slows him down. Also, be careful with your dog running around after he eats. Try and keep him relaxed for a little while after meals to aviod bloat.
  10. HL Hendrix

    diarrhea, change food, bland diet first?

    I am not sure about the bland diet, I have never done that, so I don't want to make a suggestion about something I know very little about. As for the Natures Variety, it looks alright from what I read on dog food analysis, but it does contain grains. If you are going to feed him that, make...
  11. HL Hendrix

    diarrhea, change food, bland diet first?

    Switching the source of protein may help your guy. Feeding the same type of food for long periods can allow food allergies to develope. Also, the food you feed has quite a lot of grains in it, somethig else that can be a problem for your dog. Hendrix cannot eat anything that has chicken in...
  12. HL Hendrix

    Shiny Coat

    Ok, I don't want to sound mean...but you are feeding your dogs some of the worst food out there. The first ingredient in the dog chow is corn...which has very little nutritional value and can lead to food allergies. Dogs need meat, and lots of it. Please visit and...
  13. HL Hendrix

    Collar or Harness

    Hendrix was started on a leather collar. He started to pull around 6-8 months old, so we got him a no pull harness to train him to walk properly. Now he is just over one and we don't use the harness anymore because he learned not to pull.
  14. HL Hendrix

    Coincidence or clever dog?

    Sounds like a clever dog to me. Either way, that story made me chuckle.
  15. HL Hendrix

    General Questions From 1st Time Dog Owner

    I can't help with the cat issue, but I can with the housebreaking. How much of the house are you giving her? If you are giving her the whole house, it is too much for her right now. At first, give her a room, the kitchen probably being the best if it has a door to where you take her to...
  16. HL Hendrix

    Boxers do bad with high protein and RAW diet?

    My 2 cents Hedrix did not do well on Origen Puppy as a puppy, it was too rich. As he got older and i switched him from Merrick puppy to Acanda Pacifica, he did great. Then recently I tried him on Origen Regional red and he is doing amazing. I did the switch over a 2-3 week period and now for...
  17. HL Hendrix

    Finally Talked!

    lol It's stories like this that make me continue to love this breed more and more.
  18. HL Hendrix

    Food gulping

    Hedrix used to gulp his food down too. After, he would make some terrible noises and once, which was the last straw, puked his meal back up. Now, I feed him on a towel, except for when we feed wet. It works great because they actually have to think about what they are doing. I suggest a...
  19. HL Hendrix

    Fish based dog food?

    By my understanding it is good practice to change the protein source in your dogs food every two to three bags (the big ones). This way they can't start to build alergies toward that particular type. I am currently doing the switch from Acana Pacifica to Regional Red...and so far so good.
  20. HL Hendrix

    Bell Training Outta Control!

    I don't want to sound mean...but like the above poster said, this is pretty funny. What I get from this is that your dog has done a better job with training you then you training it. Your dog refused to be crated??? That makes me think that you just gave up too easily. As for the bell...