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  1. Kisaq

    Neck support to hold up a 50lb head!

    Ok, I'm being a little sarcastic. But not really. I've been having some budding issues with Kisaq (2yr old) riding in the car. He's been panting and quaking a little (btw - he stays in one place, and doesn't thrash around the car in a dangerous way, he just doesn't look comfortable). ...
  2. Kisaq

    Why does it not feel like a winter wonderland anymore?

    Once upon a time I used to LOVE seeing the trees covered in snow... now I just want spring to hurry up and come!! :) Actually - Kisaq loves being out in the snow, even now, and even at -10F when the...
  3. Kisaq

    Something funny happened last night

    DH and I were sitting on the couch watching old, "All Creatures Great and Small" shows on netflix and Kisaq was cuddled up between us. He was really really tired last night. Could barely keep his eyes open (though he does love that show). It was about time for his final potty break, and he...
  4. Kisaq

    Guess who's Gottcha day it is today!!

    Happy Gottcha day Kisaq! We celebrated by going to the store, and letting him choose his own new toy. He's loving it and it's helping me teach him that the red squirrel outside is not food/prey. :) Shhhhh... don't tell him the toy is supposed to be a chipmunk! He's not allowed to toss...
  5. Kisaq

    Avatars that to rotate between two pics.

    I've seen a couple of avatars that have more than one pic and flip from one to another ... how do you do that?
  6. Kisaq

    So proud of my boy!

    So TG dinner, we went to some friends house who have two kids and two dogs. Some other friends came too with one more kid ... Kisaq LOVES these too dogs and will play and play and play. And they wrestle hard. Mouthing, body slamming, etc. It's wonderful. The kids were 4, 5 and about 9...
  7. Kisaq

    Over excitement? Or budding "bigger" problem?

    Interesting day at the dog park yesterday. This was our second visit to the dog park. I had this boy for almost two weeks and I have established that he is quite good with other dogs - but I'm still not sure of his limits or tendancies. First visit went great. No problems, even with dogs...
  8. Kisaq

    Large breed dog food, or regular?

    Hi, My boxer, Kisaq, is a larger boxer. Recently rescued, was a little underweight but not terrible. About 14-16 months old, best guess. Last weighed about a week ago at 64.7 lbs. Stands about 27 inches at the wither. I'm currently feeding Blue Buffalo Adult chicken and brown rice. And...
  9. Kisaq

    Rescue 14 month boxer and resident cat!

    I just want to brag, really...But the brag forum looked like it was just for shows and trials and such. So, maybe I'm posting this in the wrong place because things are going so well! Kisaq (14 month old - best guess - rescue boxer) came home 10 days ago, and for the first few days I...
  10. Kisaq

    Who wants to play "Boxer or Boxer Mix?"

    Hi everyone. So my fiance and I have a running bet going that my new dog (Kisaq) is a full boxer. He thinks, no. I think ABSOLUTELY. Ok ... so he's probably not well bred as he was a rescue in Southern California (byb's gallor), but he is a sweet heart no matter what. He has most of the...
  11. Kisaq

    Just brought home my 5th boxer, 7 days ago.

    Adopted from BRLA boxer rescue and flown as my Emotional Support Animal, to Fairbanks Alaska. He is a young 1-2 year old white boy who is going to see our vet tomorrow to be weighed and checked over. He's a big, recently neutered boy. My fiance keeps telling me he's a mix with a pit or a...