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    Anyone own a holter?

    I'm looking to purchase one. Anyone selling a digital one? Anyone prefer one over the other? Thanks!
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    ARVC - 1 diagnosed, 1 likely about to be diagnosed (long but please read)

    So Thursday sucked. I got up, got ready for work, my husband is in the military so he goes out before 6 then comes home around 7, until he goes back to work at 8:45am. My boys (Kato 9, Loki 10.5) always get super excited when he comes home, they jump around the kitchen and lick him and paw him...
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    ARVC DNA Test

    Hello, Way back when, at least 4 or 5 years ago, I had the dna test done for ARVC. It is now located at the NC Vet School but it used to be elsewhere. I need a copy of my results and am wondering if anyone remembers where the test used to be done out of or maybe if I'm crazy and how I could...
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    Turmeric Paste / Cannabis Oil for MCT

    So my youngest baby was diagnosed with MCT this past week and we are waiting on an appointment with Texas a & m - if it takes too long well we will seek another oncologist but I've been told they are great. It's a long drive but if it's worth it I'll do it. I'm looking into alternative /...
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    Skinny Boxer :(

    Looking for advice to see if anyone knows of something I can feed my boy to put weight on him faster. He's going to the vets next week and probably going to be referred to an internal medicine specialist but in the interim he needs some groceries. his diet currently consists of: The honest...
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    Lupus - anyone any experience with it in their boxer?

    My boy, he's brindle and almost 7 years old, he has the dry crusty nose and the almost ulcerated looking skin on the front of the nose, his Dr thinks it's Lupus. We're going to start doing extra fish oil, aswell as nupro, i'm thinking about adding in vit E also, and maybe C. his Dr said we could...
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    Honest Kitchen

    Does anyone know if I can take the honest kitchen without meat and the one with meat, and mix them to make the one with meat last longer. cooking all this meat is time consuming but i'm saving money over buying bags of orijen believe it or not. I just want to know if anyone has done it or if it...
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    Home Cook or Raw

    I figured out I can probably save money and feed my dogs better by homecooking or doing raw - here are my draw backs. I can't do bones as my dogs don't chew - ever. One of them insists on swallowing stuff whole or in big chunks and I've pulled multiple things out of his throat. Salmonella...
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    Seems like the perfect time to switch...Advice plz - anyone used balance it? :)

    So Loki had a dental yesterday and a mass removal, one of which was in his mouth, so I have been feeding him chicken and rice and warm water for the past 2 days. I typically add warm water to their kibble - Orijen Senior, and wait for the food to soak up the water so it's softer, but thought...
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    Mast Cell Tumors

    So Kato had a dental the other day and 2 small lumps removed, they were tiny and I make a point of taking everything ASAP as lumps freak me out. Well this time it really paid off. Both - Mast Cell Tumor grade 1 completely removed. I know it's completely removed but he still just had cancerous...
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    New Member

    Hello Everyone, I was a member of boxer board years ago but alas didn't log on for forever, I still have the same two boxers, Loki almost 7 and Kato almost 5. Kato just had his teeth cleaned yesterday and 2 masses removed so it spurred me to come back to the site with all you boxer owners to...