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    fear of females (kind of long)

    my BF and i recently rescued a 10 month old female. Roxie is a lovely, lovely girl, a gorgeous flashy fawn who probably could be shown if we had papers on her. she's smart, puppyish, reasonably obedient. (i say that because we've only had her about 7 weeks and are working on it.) anyway...
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    housebreaking issues

    we recently adopted a nearly 10 month old unspayed female and i am having some problem in housebreaking her. my boyfriend and i work opposite shifts so the dog is hardly ever alone and i make a point of letting her out to eliminate every two hours or so while awake. however even with...
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    i recently adopted a 9 month old non-spayed female. on her first trip to the vet i was informed she had mange (which i had suspected), conjunctivitis (which i knew she had and thus was part of the reason for the visit) and severe food allergies. roxie has bilateral ear infections which my...
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    hi from south arkansas

    hi from south arkansas, smackover, to be exact. my boyfriend and i have recently (8 days ago) adopted a 9 month old female fawn darling named roxie. i had a boxer previously, also a fawn female, who lived a full and beautiful life, gracing me with her presence for 12-1/2 years. we...