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    Need advise on pet sitting

    I wanted to let you all know how this experience turned out. Bailey and Megan went through the normal dominance thing. Mom jumped everytime there was a snarl and probably made it worse. I got no sleep that night. Bailey is use to the country no traffic or neighbors and barked at every...
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    My puppy hates her crate

    We had the worst time trying to get Megan crate trained so I can sympathize with everyone of you. I tried a variety of things to get her to like the crate and there were many days I broke down in tears going this isn't working. My mom use to tell me it wasn't hurting Megan as much as it was...
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    Cleaning Up Leaves

    We have raked once this year. I think I finally convinced my husband to wait until the leaves are done falling before we go out to tackle the yard again. The first time we did 12 bags of mulched leaves and the day after it didn't look like we did a thing.
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    2 vs 3x a day

    We have always went by amount and not number of feedings. Megan eats three cups a day. Some days, usually during the week due to daycare, she only eats once and on the weekends she eats three times a day. What we do is make sure she gets her three cups in no matter how many times a day she...
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    Need advise on pet sitting

    Thanks guys. My husband and I have talked and decided on two things. First Baily was suppose to be coming over on Tuesday morning. I asked if he would come over Monday night. That way the two dogs can get things out of there system while we are home. Actually I'm home until noon time on...
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    Need advise on pet sitting

    A friend of ours is going away for a few days in December and we have offered to take his black lab, Bailey, while he is gone. Bailey and Megan have played together several times before so I don't think there will be much of an issue there. My issue is coming in because both dogs have...
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    High School Reunions

    I went to my tenth year reunion ( a few years ago) and dragged my husband with me. Since we both graduated from the same class I thought it would be fun to go together. There was only one girl there that I hung out with, no one else showed up. We paid $20 a ticket and left half way through...
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    English Bulldog

    Megan plays with two English Bulldogs at daycare. They are really cute and expensive as a few have pointed out.
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    Survey For Your Boxer To Take

    MY NAME: Megan AGE: 2 years WEIGHT: 56 pounds BODY TYPE: lean and muscles COLOR: flashy fawn MY FAVORITE TOY: that would be my soccer ball with the rope on the ends MOST ANNOYING HABIT: peeling the paint off the wall aka farting IF ALONE IN A ROOM WITH A CAT I WOULD: if it moves...
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    Have you ever used a Doggie Day Care?

    Chewy's mom I was thinking the same thing. I pay $15 a day and it is one of the cheapest ones in the area. The other two around here are $28 and $35.
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    Welcome to BW I'm sure you will find a wealth of information here.
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    Boy or Girl for new friend?

    I asked a similar question when we were looking at getting another puppy, which we haven't done yet. Some people have two male boxers and some have a girl and a boy. It seems to depend on the personality more than the sex. My thought was two of the same sex may not get along as well but that...
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    For whom the bell tolls...

    Way to go Harla. fiestaicon
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    my max HATES his crate

    I want to share my crate experience with you. Megan hated the crate. We tried numerous approaches and still couldn't get her to go into the crate and the few times she did she cried, barked and carried on. I called the vet several times for suggestions and the vet finally said to me "Malinda...
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    Cable modem??

    How is your set up? Our setup goes from the cable modem to a router and than splits off to the four pcs. We haven't had any issues but I do know from my cable experience that the signal can die down if there are too many things drawing off from it. It slows the signal down. Is it slow...
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    Wellness Verus?

    I haven't heard of Verus but we feed Wellness dry food.
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    Getting up in the middle of the night

    This seems to have quieted down a little bit. Not that she isn't getting up in the middle of the night but not as often. Not sure what changed we didn't change anything. Ryan/Erin it does sound like maybe your boxer isn't getting enough exercise. Megan goes to daycare and although I know...
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    Anyone been to Las Vegas?

    I didn't know that about renting a car. I will have to look into that option next time. We always shuttled from the airport which is like $7 a person or so and than we take the shuttle bus or walk. I don't find walking bad but I'm a walker anyways. I find that we walk at such a slow pace...
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    Getting up in the middle of the night

    KC- You are not being crude at all. She does do both when she goes out. Which is why I thought picking up the food would help. However I haven't seen a change and she hasn't changed her eating habits and in the past slept through the night. It is just recently that this has started happening.
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    Anyone been to Las Vegas?

    Here is my suggestion, if you are not a kids person stay away from Circus Circus. When we stayed there it was packed with kids and noisy as kids ran up and down the hallways. Circus Circus is geared toward children and family. I think more so than the other hotels, but that is my opinion...