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    Too Much Protein or not?

    Sorry if this was answered ad nausea, I searched and couldn't find anything.. There is so much conflicting information regarding feeding dogs, and puppies in particular.. I have an 8 and a half month old puppy and 2- 4 year old boxers..All healthy (other than my males thyroid).. My two full...
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    has runny poo on everything but Alpo

    We recently took over a 5 month old puppy.. The woman who gave him up handed us a bag of Alpo and said "everything else gives him diarrhea".. well, not diarrhea, but definitely runny poo.. He can hold it, but it varies from soft ice cream like doo-doo to very watery poo.. We started on Orijen...
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    You truly were a "gift from above"

    On April fools day this year my best friend I've ever had left me way too soon.. We've had many companion animals over the years, and naturally we've lost our share along the way.. There's no doubt that losing a companion animal is a sad day- but as the husband & father of the house I've always...
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    Our names

    I recently lost one of my boxers and I've been crushed over it.. After weeks of mourning & grieving by myself, my family, and my other 2 boxers I decided I would at least start inquiring about getting another boxer to bring some life back to us.. I tried to look at one or two and just couldn't...
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    Long Time Boxer owner

    Hello All, Just found this forum while doing some research on my beloved Boxers.. I've been a boxer owner for the past 9 years and recently lost one.. As you can imagine I've been devastated- as have my other 2 boxers.. One thing is certain though is that no other breed is even an option...