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    Need advise on pet sitting

    A friend of ours is going away for a few days in December and we have offered to take his black lab, Bailey, while he is gone. Bailey and Megan have played together several times before so I don't think there will be much of an issue there. My issue is coming in because both dogs have...
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    Getting up in the middle of the night

    Megan sleeps on our bed and just within the last few weeks has decided that about 1 am it is time to get up and go out to do her thing. Most nights she will get up again at least one other time and sometimes more. I thought maybe she was sick as we tried new can food but that doesn't appear to...
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    New Movie Sign

    We went to see Sign Friday night with Mel Gibson. It was good. Has anyone here seen it yet?
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    My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of getting a pool. My curious does anyone here have a soft side pool? The ones that you take down and put up every year and are all rubber. If you do I would be interested in what you think of it. Do you like it or not? Have you had any...
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    Anybody heard anything about a recall on dog food?

    This information is coming from my brother and I don't have enough of it to piece together anything. He said he heard on the news that some "major brand dog foods" were being recalled. I have checked out a few sites and haven't seen anything. Curious to see if anyone else heard any news on...
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    Question on eyes

    Megan has been itching her eyes a lot the past couple days and we are always cleaning her face as her eyes seem to be running. You know in the morning when you clean off your dogs eyes well we are doing it more than once a day more like every couple minutes. Anybody have any ideas or...
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    Going to sister in law's with Megan - hope it is better than last visit

    Today is Easter and we are going to my sister in laws. I have hope that it will be much better than last weekend. Last weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday. So we went to the party and of course brought Megan. My sister in law has a black lab mix so her dog and Megan play together...
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    Update on Megan's heart condition

    Just wanted to update you all on Megan's heart condition because it has been a while. Of course if something was really wrong, you would all be the first to know. The last EKG which was last month again came out normal. I was excited to hear the vet say that if the next couple of EKG's...
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    When she is sleeping she has to touch someone.

    When Megan is asleep she has to be touching someone, she is a very cuddly dog. I told my husband this is a boxer trait and he said not to this extent. So humor me and him, anybody else have boxers out there how have to be lying practically on top of you when they fall asleep or sit by you? Is...
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    Bad habits that are hard to break?

    I was reading through some past threads and came across several on jumping. Although we have been very lucky with Megan as far as destructive behavior etc we have yet to break her of jumping on people, although she is getting better. Which got me to thinking, anyone else out there have a...
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    Donations of stuff animals

    Ok I need suggestions? I have a really big collection of stuffed animals, all in really good shape and I'm looking to donate them someplace. Anybody have any suggestions as to where I can call to see if they could use these stuff animals?
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    looking for appliques any sewers out there?

    My mother in law does this crafts and is having a hard time finding applicques. I thought maybe I could find them on line at a bulk price better than around town but, I am not to keen on giving out my credit card number on sites I have never used before. Does anyone here know of a site I can...
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    Megan found a new toy this weekend. We got silly putty at work and it is in one of those plastic eggs. I keep it in my purse and use it at work it is a good stress reliever. Well I bought a new purse and was switching them over and put the egg with the putty on the floor. The egg moved and...
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    Our Classes Begin Tonight

    I remember those days of class. Megan would not sit still, didn't care about her treats and only wanted to play with the other dogs. I came home so many nights close to tears, I was so frustrated. However looking back on it today I wouldn't do it different, the classes helped both her and me...
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    Back to the vet we go

    Megan started holding one of her back legs up Saturday. At first I thought maybe she sprained her leg when she was out running around but Sunday morning when we got up one of her toes on that leg is about 3 times its normal size, pink to reddish in color and warm to the touch and the foot...
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    I just hit 1000

    appicon This post will make 1000. My husband says that means I'm a total addict. I told him I was an addict at the 25 post. :lol:
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    Not me I didn't do it

    Last night Megan went to bed. A little while later my husband went into the bedroom and yelled for me to come in. Megan was laying on the bed with stuffing hanging out of her mouth, stuffing wrapped around her foot and stuffing all over the floor. Looking at me like "What I didn't do it!!"...
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    Fearful stage?

    Megan seems to be scared of her own shadow lately. At first I thought it was because we pulled up the rug to show the hardwood floor underneath. I said she needs time to adjust to the hardwood floor but it seems to be more than that. Every little noise makes her jump and "run for the hills."...
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    She has discovered her voice

    Ok Megan is not a real big barker but she has decided that she has a territory. A few days ago she barked at the neighbors across the street as they were shoveling their driveway. Today she barked at the little boy two yards over playing in the snow. I'm glad she is barking but how do I teach...
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    Need help on a research paper.

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this into but figured it was a safe start. My husband has to do a 20 minute persuasive speech on why you should not buy a puppy from a pet store. I know we all have our opinions on this subject but he needs some facts. He is looking to find...