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    Rescues - anyone take in a white female boxer from VA?

    We were fostering an emaciated white female boxer named Lilly for our local shelter here in central VA. The shelter decided to place her with some boxer rescue, and that's where she went as of last Wednesday. We've been missing her, eventhough she was only with us a short time. It's a long...
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    As a boxer lover, what would you do?

    I had an infuriating and frustrating experience with a boxer owner over the weekend. I brought my dogs to meet hers, in the hopes of "adopting" one. The one dog looked a little thin, had some hot spots, and a smelly ear. The other looked fine. Neither was spayed and both were being housed...
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    looking for a white boxer

    We're looking to add to our dog pack. While no dog will replace our Trace, who is waiting for us at the bridge, we've found that two boxers makes for just too quiet a house. (Who could imagine such a thing existed!) We'd like another white boxer- either male or female. Being dog friendly is...
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    Trace crossed the bridge yesterday

    It is with a heavy heart that I report that yesterday morning Norm and I lost our best friend, our white boxer Trace. We had just returned from a walk, and Norm had put all three dogs out in the back yard with a big bowl of water. Minutes later, I went to call them in and noticed Tracer asleep...
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    Urgent - Fawn boy in Central VA

    From: Kellie Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 12:59 PM To: Heather Subject: Re: Boxers for Adoption (Troy) Thanks Heather! I placed Tucker with a nice family from Lake Monticello. I thought I had Mickey placed with a nice girl from Richmond but she had an 11 yr old cat that he was...
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    BOXER DRUG BEHIND CAR in need of funds and rescue

    **WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES** I found an email about this poor baby in my junkmail. He's going to need lots of love and donations to get better. Please help if you can. Gunny From: sepulvado-aco Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 17:31:42...
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    Friday was Mella's 6th Birthday!

    Friday was Mella's 6th Birthday! I just can't believe the baby is 6. She enjoyed her new toy, eventhough her toy-hog older sister had to be gated in the other room just so she could have her turn prancing around the living room, pausing to shake the bits out of her new stuffie.
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    Boxer WANTED in Orange, Virginia

    A student of my BF is looking for a boxer and wants to rescue one. She's a responsible teenager, and we've checked out that her mom is onboard with this. The dog of her dreams is boxer or boxer mix, male, and brindle/white check coloring. Any age from pup to 2 years is fine. If you...
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    KY, WV, VA transport 1-19-08

    I'm trying to coordinate a transport for 2 boxer mix puppies. They are traveling from Lincoln County Shelter in Stanford, KY to a foster home in Orange, VA. Look at those little faces-- don't let them down! Below are the...
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    Central Virginia Boxers?

    I live not too far from Charlottesville, VA. Any boxer folks in our area interesting in getting a boxer bash together?
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    healing a knee wound/new vet woes

    Trace had some growths/lumps removed last Monday. I had noticed one on her knee and one on her chest, but the vet found two growths in her mouth. I've moved to central Virginia, and took her to this vet based on a recommendation. When I picked her up, they didn't take me aside and go over...
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    Buying first house

    Well, my BF and I are looking to buy a house. We have been shopping for around 8 months, and were out-bid on one in the fall. We just looked at one that would be PERFECT, but the owner is asking way too much for what will need to be done to it. Problem is that the BF has lost all grip on...
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    White Boxer with brown ear

    When I got my Trace, I thought it was so unique that she had a brown ear. However, I see a good bit of pictures of dogs with similar markings. How many people on here have a white boxer with at least one brown ear?
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    Degree of under bite?

    Is there an ideal length to the underbite? I've searched for an answer and was unable to turn up anything.
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    14+ boxer mix pups in PA shelter

    I replied to a few individual threads before starting my own. There are at least 14 pups at the Western PA Humane Society Fallen Timber Location. They are from 2 litters brought in by the same lady. There are brindles, fawns, whites, and blacks. According to the shelter they are boxer and...
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    What would/should a show quality 4 month old look like?

    Call me crazy, but I've been quite interested in measuring up little Mella to the boxer standard. (i.e. is her nose 1/3 of her head?) I even found a page with pictures of dogs that supposedly look like the standard. Hey, I'm new at this and visualizing...
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    Does your boxer have a fetish?

    Trace is OBSESSED with paper! Tissue paper is best, but any paper will do. Magazines, newspaper, paper towels, receipts.... Once a paper item falls into the paws or jaws of her, she likes to shred it and eat it (if not caught prior to this stage.) Just tonight, I opened the shower door to...
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    Mella is limping

    Well, just returned from the Emergency Vets. Mella developed quite a limp in her right foreleg. I think Trace was behind it, as her behind is often in motion. The X-rays showed no bone problems, and she wouldn't yelp when the vet was feeling her leg. So we really don't have a clue as to...
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    New pics in my gallery- go see!

    I just posted some new pics of my girls. It's Mella's debut on BW.lovicon
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    Hello to everyone

    I am sorry I haven't introduced myself earlier. My name is Heather, and I'm currently attending Penn State University. I currently own my first which will be a lifetime of boxers, but there have only been about 4 dog-less years in my 24. Trace is everything that is Boxer. She has me rolling...