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    Gums overtaking front teeth

    Harley Girl is about 7 now and I've noticed that her front teeth are starting to disappear. Her gums are overtaking them. I know there is a name for this and I was hoping someone could remember it for me so I can research it. Also, if anyone has had this happen did the vet recommend anything...
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    hair loss behind his ears

    About a month or more ago, one day it seemed that the fur behind Titan's ears looked a little light in color. I didn't think much of it at first, because his fur is lighter in color on his shoulder blades than the rest of him. But a few days went passed and I still thought it was lighter in...
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    Just dropped off Titan for neutering

    I don't have a question, but thought I'd share. So Titan is now almost 18months and while the kids are still in school I wanted to get this out of the way. Titan has an undescended testicle, so I am hoping that they don't have to dig too far to find it. I have never been to the nueter...
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    bully movie

    With all the hype about this new bully movie that is out right now, I thought I would tell you about another bully movie. It's called Bang Bang You're Dead. It is an excellent movie. Toward the end of the movie, the bullied kid is on video talking about what the victims think about. It...
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    nueter question

    I will be getting Titan fixed in a few months, but I have an odd question. His pee burns the grass and smells bad. And it doesn't have to be a spot he goes in a lot, it can be a random spot, but I can see the grass going gold. Will getting him nuetered change this? Could it be diet related...
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    boxer puppies refuse to sleep

    This is pretty darn cute. They aren't mine but sure look like they would have as babies. Boxer dogs refuse to go to sleep. [VIDEO]
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    Completely Boxer Crazy!!!

    I am officially Completely Boxer Crazy!!! ha ha ha ha fiestaicon I always knew I was, but now I have an offical diagnosis according to BoxerWorld! So when I almost brake my finger on the car window pointing at the boxer taking a walk, or I run over the curb making a turn because I...
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    chin pimples/boils?

    So I noticed that Titan had red marks on his chin the other day. Well today I decided to take a closer look and they look like pimples or boils. They are not on or inside his lips, they are on his chin where there is fur. They don't seem to bother him that I've noticed. There are a lot of...
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    moving to a no carpet house

    Our current apartment has carpets. And my babies love to boxer burn around and under the dining room table chasing each other. I can hear their claws scratching at the carpet as they run. Is moving where there are no carpets going to be an issue for them, or do they adjust and keep on doing...
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    Can the Bulldog be Saved? A NY Times Article I came across this interesting article about the breed standard and health issues of english bulldogs. I wasn't sure where to put it, so since it isn't about boxers specifically, I chose here...
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    Need an AKC name

    So I have been debating if I want to register Titan with the AKC or not. I thought about doing agility one day which was really the only reason why I would register him. I'm not sure if I can put the AKC names because that could give away breeders. So these are the parents names in...
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    Doesn't really get how to mark (funny)

    So Titan is now 10 months old and has recently decided to start marking. It's been pretty funny watching him learn how to balance on one leg. Because it doesn't always work out very well. But yesterday's attempt took the cake. We go on a walk to the front yard where there is a line of...
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    Police force entry into apt

    So last night my sons were at their dads. At about 11pm, the cops beat on his door. So my ex opens the door to find out what they want, and the cops want to look for someone in his apartment. He tells them no, no one is there but him and his kids who are sleeping. He moves to close the door...
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    Question for those that feed TOTW

    How much does your dog weigh? Is the dog thin, ideal or overweight at the weight you list? And how much does the dog eat each day? I'm asking because I use this too, but what the package is marked with is not how much my dog eats. So I'm just curious.
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    Oh crap! This is bad! Get the dogs!

    Harley is not found of other dogs. I have had her almost 3 years now, and I know it's a fear reaction, not true aggression. I got her at about one years old from a pound, so I of course know nothing about her past. But when she sees another dog, she stiffens up and stairs at them. She...
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    rough puppy play with older dog

    So Titan is now almost 6 months old. He frequently gets to rough with Harley. Like biting her ears or the backs of her back legs. She will actually yelp. But she doesn't get after him or ignore him so that he stops doing it. How can I help him stop this? Or is he still too much of a puppy...
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    toy guarding

    So Harley has been great with Titan. They play and run and play some more. So far the only thing she didn't like was if he was too close to her when she wanted to lay down. And she would just give him a dirty look and move somewhere else. (Which was actually funny to me because I hate being...
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    white drainage around nose

    When I take Titan outside he usually ends up with a white discharge around his nose. It's not a large amount. Is this allergies? It doesn't happen to Harley.
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    male maturation questions

    I have a male puppy that I plan to have nuetered. But I have been reading about neutering, and many of them talk about if you nueter them young, they won't gain muscle mass that they would if you wait until they are 18 months. And this is because there is not enough testosterone. How old...
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    undescended testicle

    When I took Titan to the vet back when we first brought him home, the vet said he had one undescended testicle. We talked about how the surgery would work, but I just realized he didn't say how old he should be. I Know normally it's 6 months. But am I supposed to wait longer and see if it...