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    My vet says they took away the proheart shot?

    Help! I called my vet yesterday to schedule Roxy for her 6 month proheart shot to prevent heartworms, but they said they took the shot off the market a few months ago?! This really stresses me out, because Roxy was on the chewable heartguard prior to the shot, and she still ended up getting...
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    Boxer Friendly Hotels in Houston??

    HELP! I may be getting a new job (a good thing :) ), and I will know as soon as a few hours for sure! The problem is, they will require me to go to Houston for 3 weeks for training!! They plan on putting me up in a hotel for that time, which is great, but of course I want to make sure it will...
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    Stop that!!

    Did you ever notice how when one of your babies does something wrong; i.e., has an accident, chews up your purse, etc., that THEY KNOW THIS, and even though you're trying to be mad at them (ignore them for awhile for example) they keep following you around with this ADORABLE ;) look on their...
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    Austin Texas Breeder?

    Anyone know of a good breeder in Austin or surrounding areas? I've recused/adopted my babies, so I've never looked much into a breeder myself, but a good friend of mine wants a boxer puppy!! ;) Thanks in advance! Eva
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    Snooring and Accident - Age Related?

    HI board! 1st of all, it's been ages since I was last here....hope all is well! I love the new board...thanks to all who created it and maintain it! My baby Kaiser is approximately 8 1/2- 9 years old (for those of you who remember me, it was because of the wonderful people on this board...
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    Everyone Please Read

    Unfortunately I just learned that my baby Roxy has heartworms and has prob. had them for 6 months or so, dispite that fact she has always been on the preventitive. Apparently strange things can happen, like she threw up or was sick and her body didn't absorb all the med. and then she got bit by...
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    Roxy Might Have Heartworms!!!

    This past Sunday I took the kids to the vet for some shots. Roxy had all her annuals done. Yesterday the vet call and said the 2nd half of Roxy's heartworm test came back slightly positive and they wanted to re-test. I called back and started asking tons of questions. Apparently even if you...
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    Need to Vent!

    I am sure most of you have lived in an apt. at one point or another...well, due to limited income, I still reside in one myself (thank goodness they accept big dogs!) I learned years ago that living on the top floor is worth all the little hassles, like carrying up food, moving in and out...
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    Where is Ms. Boxerworld 2000?

    Hi everyone! I haven't been able to find anything on Ms. Boxerworld '00 in quite awhile now...every time I try to open the link for it on the home page, I get the message that it "is coming soon! Please check back!" Are there problems w/the link right now? Has the winner been chosen? Can we...
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    Healthy and Beautiful Male in Austin, TX

    I unfortunately have to find my baby Kaiser a new, loving, and perminate home. He is 6 years old, in good health, current on shots and takes heartworm prevenative. He is fawn w/cropped ears. Kaiser LOVES people and is laid back for a boxer! LOL He must be an only dog or live w/a submissive...
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    HELP needed!!

    Hello everyone! I recently posted a topic titled "HELP!!!" on the Boxer Ring message board. I desperate for help about Kaiser attacking my boyfriend's Golden Retriever. PLEASE, take a moment and go to the Boxer Ring message board and read the full story (long) - ANY ADVISE WOULD BE...
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    To Jess, Biscuit's Mom

    Hi Jess! I have been away from the board for awhile (not by choice!) and I read about your baby Biscuit being attacked by that Chow. 1st, I hope that Biscuit is still improving...I know from your post that the recovery will be slow, but thank God Buscuit survived. 2nd, what has been done to...
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    Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I need some serious behavioral help for my baby Kaiser, though! I recently met a wonderful man named Chad, and we have begun a very promising relationship. We both have a good feeling about our relationship, and I hope that he will be in my life...
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    Help! Carpet Stains!

    Kaiser recently had a mild bacterial infection and had some diarrhea accidents on the carpet. (He is doing much better now; I took him to the vet yesterday and he is on medicine :) ) Well, yesterday I tried to clean up some of the mess with SpotShot cleaner, which I have had great success...
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    Elmer's Glue on the Carpet! Help!

    Last night I had a tad bit too much wine and was a little out of it. I was watching some tv and was about to go to bed when I noticed white stuff in various places on the carpet. At 1st I thought Roxy had thrown up (Kaiser had been sleeping on the couch w/me, while Roxy was on the floor.) I...
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    Boxers in Austin, TX

    I have just learned of two male boxer babies that are currently in a state of neglect and need a new home! Right now they are here in Austin, TX. If I only had more room and $$, I would take these kiddos myself! If you know of anyone who may be able to help, please e-mail me/post a reply. My...