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  1. Gunther

    Dropped leashes heads up!

    Don't worry it turns out well ! My guys have never seen an elevator but I know many dogs do. So a heads up for those that use them. And just a general warning about leashes on dogs in cars. A dragging leash can get caught in a car door and your dog could get dragged! In general just be...
  2. Gunther

    Boxer IQ and working Boxers????

    I did not want to derail another thread, so I started a new one. Might have stepped on some toes by pointing out that Boxers are not in the doggie top 10 on IQ. I'm not saying Boxers are stupid! The doggie IQ measures how willing a doggie is to do what it is that you want them to do! I used...
  3. Gunther

    Another furbaby? A thought from Struddell(RIP

    We all understand that we can never replace our babies because: They fill our hearts and make us glad on days when we are really sad! Boxers are about Life and joy and just being Happy! The best way to recover from the lost of a Boxers is ...with a Boxer! It's just hard to be sad with that...
  4. Gunther

    Blue Spruce: a thought from Struddell

    Struddell wanted me to post this. She knows daddy has not posted me on the Rainbow Bridget yet! 2013 is running out so he has get to get it done! He's a good guy and I see he has been busy trying to help others in pain. I know that around the holidays is a bad time to leave but it was time...
  5. Gunther

    Goodbye Baby girl Struddell 11/25/2013

    It's time to go I'm moving on, my life was brief my time is done. Don't cry for me when I am gone I've sung my song my run is done I broke your heart and that I know It was my time I had to go! I know it hurts, my moving on I feel your pain but now I'm free I run I'm whole...
  6. Gunther

    Hello all

    I first registered here 12 years ago but never posted lots has happened since then, and sadly I'll need to post in the rainbow bridge section for Struddell. me goes by faster than we realize!