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  1. nalabear

    Day one of Raw

    Well we took the plunge today and started feeding raw appicon Because I have fed them raw treats before on towels spread on the floor, as soon as I put the towels down they were on them laying down waiting and whinning to get me to hurry up. They were so excited. Nala and Reo don't know what...
  2. nalabear

    Starting Raw Feeding

    I have finally convinced my dh to put our pups and kitty on a raw diet appicon So a few questions. 1) both my pups are 70# would one chicken quarter twice a day be enough to start with or to much? 2) I have read to feed one meat for 3-4 weeks before adding a different meat. I...
  3. nalabear

    Need BW brain power

    We got Reo last winter. We bathed him several times with no issues. Then for some reason during the summer within a couple hours of his bath he would get hives all over his body (it looked like he was one giant hive). They would last a good two weeks then disappear. Benadryl didn't work...
  4. nalabear

    Very proud of Reo today :)

    So we went to get a movie at one of those $1 movie kiosks. Well Nala and Reo were in the front seat watching us. They didn't notice the dog in the car two spaces over (which I was thankful for) Well this guy comes out of the store and hops in his car and his dog noticed my dogs and started to...
  5. nalabear

    My poor upset little girl ;)

    Nala hurt Reo this morning during their morning romp around the house. He is fine but Nala is so upset. She won't go near him, won't eat and has been moping all morning. This is the first time this has happened so it has been very interesting to see her response. I have tried to comfort her...
  6. nalabear

    Won a free year of insurance

    Oh my Gosh, I am in shock. I signed up on ceaser's site for a free one year pet insurance with VPI about a month ago. I did it just because it would be cool to get but really never expected to win. We won appicon Reo now has pet insurance. I am so excited and relieved :D
  7. nalabear

    Help with allergie issue

    Reo has hives and has for a few days now. A few weeks ago he had a issue with his pancreas and so he has only been getting his dog food. Before the issue he got an egg every morning and got coconut oil twice a day with his meals. Nothing else has changed. We haven;t been anywere done...
  8. nalabear

    Fat content in Food and Treats

    Reo had a severe pancreatic attack this week. He is doing good now but now we need to look at fat content in whatever he eats. Vet doesn't know why he had a flare up since he has been eating the same way since we got him in February/March. How do you evaluate the fat from the food analysis...
  9. nalabear

    Tis the season for Fire Works :(

    We are still 2 weeks away from July 4th and already people in our neighborhood are setting off fire works. I am so mad. Nala completely lost it last night while the people who live in the house behind us had a grand time making loud popping noises. We put the thunder shirt on her which...
  10. nalabear

    overly focusing on toys

    Our new boy Reo has this habit of refusing to make eye contact while he has a toy he wants to play with. If I touch the toy he gets even more excited and wants to play tug. We have tried treats, refusing to play but can't seem to get him to realease the toy or look at us for direction. If we...
  11. nalabear

    Tattoo'd Ear

    I was playing with Reo's ears today and noticed a green tatoo in his right ear of the number 10. Just curious if this is a normal breeder marking system for their pups? And if there is a way to tell who the breeder is?
  12. nalabear

    Meet Reo, Possibly our new boy

    Reo is a 2yr old docked and cropped flashy fawn boy. He is full of energy. He acts like he has ants in his pant :lol: Nala is not quite sure if she likes all the extra energy he has. He is a good boy. Needs work but what boxer doesn't :D We brought him home to see how well he fits into...
  13. nalabear

    Possible new addition

    Oh my gosh I am a little excited. We have been looking for another boxer for awhile now. But every time I called I was always to late. Well last week I called about a young boxer boy almost 2yrs old and we got the call back saying that he was doing a trial at someone elses home :(. We...
  14. nalabear

    4 yr old temper tantram

    Need help or encouragement please. Long Sorry. I have really been working on our loose leash walks. I started clicker training and do not move at all when Nala will pull and she must be right next to me before we will move. We have been working on this for about 2 months now. The walking...
  15. nalabear

    Feeling guilty (long sorry)

    About a month ago we found that we had a flea problem. We decided to go a more natural way of dealing with the little buggers (because of our pets sensitivities to pesticides) and was having great success. We thought we were done when all of a sudden more appeared :( We could not figure out...
  16. nalabear

    Pictures of Nala

    Just downloaded some pictures of Nala and thought I'd share. this one was a month or so ago. Dad was eating breakfast. Please may I have some????? | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Our first snow fall and something caught her attention somethings in the snow | Flickr - Photo Sharing! nala |...
  17. nalabear

    Lost & Found...then lost again

    I decided to clean under my bed today, no easy chore I might add. When I found 6 balls, a bone, a rope and 2 cat toys. Now I know how the balls and cat toys got under there but I am not sure how the bone and rope did :lol: Anyway by the time I had cleaned out under the bed and re-made the...
  18. nalabear

    Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

    We recently found fleas on our pets and because of Nala's allergies didn't want to go the pesticide route. so we did a search online and found this stuff called Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. It ticked me off that we have something organic that wont hurt our pets and not many people know...
  19. nalabear

    play time with other dogs (a little long)

    Nala loves the dog park but doesn't like dogs jumping on her. Let me explain. when she was a pup she was attacked twice when dogs jumped on her so now whenever a dog jumps on her she gets defensive. she loves to play with other dogs like running and chasing each other and that is all fine no...
  20. nalabear

    Training retaliation

    Well I decided it was time to take full control of our walk. Nala isn't a puller unless their are people or dogs she wants to great. Which of course is alot because people can't seem to ignore a boxer :) And of course she must be sociable and say hi to all. Well I decided what I wanted out...