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    Juno lost her battle today. My heart hurts but I'm glad her body is well again. Love you forever best girlie. Juno CGC 3/31/09 - 12/17/16
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    Juno has lymphoma.

    I know I dont get on here anymore but I wanted to reach out for any vibes or personal experiences anyone has to offer. Juno was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. A week ago she was happy and running around and being a normal active dog... and within a matter of days she completely stopped...
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    Just one :)

    I don't post much here anymore but we're still alive! Just thought I'd share a photo from yesterday of me and my pups. 24865602070_1fb9dd6fd2_o by cinSun9, on Flickr Juno is doing well and will be SEVEN next month. eekicon Only issue at the moment is she injured her shoulder by being a crazy...
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    Juno's new brother :)

    I got a new pup earlier in the week, he is an Australian Cattle Dog although I suppose he can be an "honorary boxer" grinicon He's 8 weeks old, absolute perfection, and he and Juno are doing awesome together! His name is Sawyer! IMG_1512 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_1656 by cinSun9, on Flickr...
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    Juno can fly!

    I do a lot of disc training with my doberman, but don't do much with Juno for a couple of reasons, one being that she has a hard time with a lot of the tricks that I like (they involve jumping off the handler's body, and Juno says what? Jump on mom? That's a no-no!). I chose to humor myself the...
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    Thyroid experts!

    Just wondering what you guys would think of these thyroid results. SORRY this is long! I first looked at Cajun's, my doberman's, thyroid in July - she was about 1.5 years old, shedding excessive amounts, had some areas of thinning hair and a skin infection on her neck. She always has a really...
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    Boxer and Dobe..

    Just some recents of my goobers. First, I participated in a secret santa exchange on another website, our package arrived a few days ago... Juno located the treats and tried to chew right through the packaging IMG_9198 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_9210 by cinSun9, on Flickr This is how they look...
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    Ms. Juno!

    My best girl! I apologize if I have a ton of pics.... IMG_5774 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_6240 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_6714 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_6739 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_6709 by cinSun9, on Flickr IMG_6748 by cinSun9, on Flickr Working on her back overs DSC_0088 by...
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    Juno the disc dog

    I don't get around to posting much these days but wanted to share a bit of Juno - we've been really getting into disc training the last few weeks and she adores it :)
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    Slowing down recently

    I'm feeling paranoid, just looking for input! Over the last month or 2? I've noticed that Juno REALLY lags behind on walks. I walk her on a 4ft leash and I can have it looped around one finger and she is lagging behind me the entire reach of the leash. This is not the Juno I know. I'm...
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    Bullying other dogs in the house

    Picking some brains here! I have a 15 month old Doberman who I've had for 3 weeks. She's turned into quite the bully! She really just focuses on Juno, which I'm assuming is just because Juno WANTS a playmate and will attempt to engage in play, and she's a tolerant saint and never corrects rude...
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    Why'd you choose boxers?

    So.... there's a billion different types of dogs out there. What made you all fall for boxers?? My childhood dog, Molly, was a boxer. I was 6 years old when we got her, she was 7 or 8 months old, from a local shelter. We had been looking for a dog for ages, visiting shelters and looking in...
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    Zukes sold to Nestle Purina

    Nestlé Purina Buys Treat Manufacturer Zuke Sigh. :( These were one of my favorite training treats.
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    My vicious monster

    Couldn't help but crack up when I captured this shot yesterday Good girl Juno, you teach that pup about personal space. ;) Just a couple others while I'm here...
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    Quick vibes for Juno?

    It's been 3 days since my poor girl has been able to keep a meal down. Usually within a couple hours of eating, she throws everything right back up. I took her to work with me yesterday and we took x-rays just to rule out an obstruction. The vet was a little indecisive about what was going on...
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    Manners Minder

    Have any of you ever used the Manners Minder (now called Treat & Train) to do any dog training? Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer | Dr. Sophia Yin I just got one today and am so far loving it and really excited about the potential. My 6 month old Doberman has, apparently, separation...
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    Is this an epulis?

    All right, these are something I have zero experience with. I noticed this on Juno maybe a couple weeks ago? Doesn't seem to have grown at all since then. Here's the original without...
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    Sudden behavior change

    This isn't about Juno (thankfully), but about my 12ish year old Border Collie X, Happy. So, we adopted her 6 months ago and she came to us deaf, vision impaired, heartworm positive... just a little bit of a mess. From day 1 though she has taken everything in stride, and has never been a...
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    Natural Balance sold to Del Monte

    Just a heads up for those who feed NatBal: Natural Balance, Del Monte Plan Merger Del Monte products include other "fabulous" brands such as Kibbles N Bits, Meow Mix, Gravy Train etc. So unfortunately this seems right in line with when Natura was sold to P&G. Those who feed NatBal, I'd...
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    Lumpy bumps, advice

    Sooo on Saturday (2 nights ago) I was petting Juno's head and noticed a little raised area. And I mean LITTLE. Super tiny, surprised I felt it. I stopped to feel around more thoroughly and there are 2 raised areas on her head, maybe an inch or so away from each other. I don't like feeling...