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  1. rayandsarah

    Recently neutered male foster

    I brought an intact male boxer home 3 weeks ago today. He was neutered on a Tuesday 2 weeks ago. He has been getting along amazing with my 4 boxers. 3 of mine are males all neutered and 1 is a female spayed. It was until Friday where they had an altercation. My foster is named Otto and my male...
  2. rayandsarah

    Need name suggestions for new pup.

    We are going to be adopting our 4th boxer in a few weeks. His previous owners took him to the shelter because he tried to bit when they where putting him in his crate. However he is just the sweetest thing and the shelter has been putting him in and out of a crate daily with no issues. His name...
  3. rayandsarah

    Sad and completely unnecessary

    I work as an animal control officer in the county I live and I have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to animals. I would like to share my story with an amazing dog I had the pleasure of knowing. Last fall I received a call from the local police department about a pit bull locked in a...
  4. rayandsarah

    Am I crazy?!

    It has been a crazy summer at our house this year, especially this week. Capone turned 3, we celebrated his 2 year adoption day as well and tomorrow we will be adopted a 3rd boxer. This is were I feel I'm going crazy lol. Her name is Hannah and she is 6 months old. If you don't know I work at a...
  5. rayandsarah

    Deciding on Ruff Wear coat.

    I'm ordering my boys some new coats and have decided to go with Ruff Wear. I'm having trouble deciding between the K-9 overcoat and the Cloud Chaser. I feel like the Cloud Chaser would keep them warmer but I don't know how they would act with sleeves. Any suggestions or options would be...
  6. rayandsarah

    Rowdy is 2!!

    My roo monster turned 2 today and I can't believe it! I feel like I was just posting about his 1st birthday. Man time flies! Happy 2nd Birthday Roo Roo!!
  7. rayandsarah

    Victor Premium Food

    Has anyone heard of this food or used it? I was looking at the ingredients and they seem pretty good Victor Premium Dog Food | GF All Life Stages. What do you guys think?
  8. rayandsarah

    How long do you separate your dogs after applying topical?

    This sunday will be the first time I put Frontline on my guys. What i'm wondering is how long should I keep them from playing and wrestling? I don't want either of them to get in their mouths!
  9. rayandsarah

    Fish oil how much?

    I wanted to start giving my boys fish oil. How much mg do I give of fish oil and vitamin e? Rowdy weighs 57 lbs and Capone is 62 lbs. Thanks!
  10. rayandsarah

    Capone's Birthday Pics

    Here are some pics of Capone and Rowdy celebrating Capone's birthday. I had more but can't find my other memory card. Birthday Boy!! DSC01213 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! They both decided to start doing this after breakfast! DSC01221 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! DSC01219 | Flickr - Photo...
  11. rayandsarah

    TOTW ingredient change?

    I just opened a new bag of Wetlands yesterday. This new bag smells extremely fishy to me. I haven't noticed this in the previous bags. Has anyone else noticed this? I emailed the manufacturer and am waiting for a reply. It hasn't seemed to bother my guys but I am just kinda curious!!!
  12. rayandsarah

    Amazing Transformation

    First I want to start off by thanking BW and it's members, without this site I would have never figured out Capone had a thyroid issue!!! On an awesome not Capone has gained .d...
  13. rayandsarah

    Desex Campaign

    I entered both my guys in a desex campaign for a new low cost spay/neuter clinic that just opened in my area. It's a $1 for every vote that goes to the clinic. If they make the top 3 they get gift card to a local pet store. Rowdy is in 5th right now and Capone is 13th. The contest ends thursday...
  14. rayandsarah

    Inflamed Anal Glad

    Just a normal thursday evening at our house. The boys were playing in the yard while I was picking up the sprinkler. We came in to get ready for their night walk and Rowdy's butt was bloody and swollen. I kinda freaked. Once I got it all cleaned up ( he kept trying to wrestle) I realized that it...
  15. rayandsarah

    Happy Birthday Capone!!!

    Capone is 2 today! I can't believe it. Sunday will also be a year since we adopted him! We have alot of celebrating to do this weekend!
  16. rayandsarah

    Need a flea/tick preventative

    This past week I have found 2 fleas on Rowdy and BF found a tick on Capone. It wasn't attached yet thankfully. This is the 1st tick either of them have had. They are currently on Sentinel which I liked and haven't had a problem with. I was planning on switching to Trifexis when we finished...
  17. rayandsarah

    Starting Partial Raw Diet

    I decided to start giving my guys a raw meal twice a week. I would love to do it all the time but BF isn't too sure, so I figured this would help decision. I have a couple of questions. I bought them some chicken leg quarters to start. When do I start introducing offal? When do I start...
  18. rayandsarah

    Weird eye issue

    Rowdy's third eyelid started covering his left eye about an hour ago. It was red and watery too. I gave him some benadryl and it seems to have helped some. It's not covering his eye but you can still see it. His eye is still watery and he seems to be winking. I took him to the lake yesterday to...
  19. rayandsarah

    Any ideas on keeping bunnies out?

    Every morning I find tons of rabbit poop in the yard. Well of course the boys want to eat it (gross). This is also what caused their last fight. I have been trying to pick it up but it's not the easiest thing to do. We are in the process of taking down our chain link fence and putting up a...
  20. rayandsarah

    Sweet Chloe 04-09-02 to 06-19-11

    My neighbors boxer Chloe was just put to sleep 2 hours ago. I feel terrible. Chloe was a huge reason BF and I decided to get a boxer. It all started friday morning she had a nose bleed and never stopped until they put her to sleep at around 9 pm. Rest in peace sweet girl and run free with all...