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  1. MichBoxerMom

    Switching to Raw

    Hello boxer buddies. I am seriously considering switching my almost 2 year old male to raw. He has had constant issues on kibble. The last bag he was on is TOTW roasted lamb (on for 1 year) started having gurgling tummy issues and some vomiting about a month ago so we switched to Fromm grain...
  2. MichBoxerMom

    Natures Domain grain free Costco

    I am considering using this in my rotation. Currently using TOTW Grain free Lamb but would like to try a different brand in my rotation. Is anyone still using this and how are your babies doing on it? Also which protein source do you use??
  3. MichBoxerMom

    Honest Kitchen Dog Food Sale

    For anyone that has been searching for a new food to try The Honest Kitchen has their sample sizes on sale right now for $1. This a great way to try several of their samples. This is how I ended up finding which food best worked with my dog. If you have a larger boxer (my boy is 70lb) I ordered...
  4. MichBoxerMom

    Daily Protein Intake Switch to Honest Kitchen from TOTW

    Need some help here. Feeding Honest Kitchen Preference for last month and doing well with tummy problems now since switching from TOTW. I add in 1/2 cup of dry TOTW with the Honest Kitchen and also 1/2 cup of ground beef drained and rinsed in water. Feeding twice per day but my boy Cooper still...
  5. MichBoxerMom

    Hair hair everywhere!!

    Any great ideas on how to remove boxer hairs off of microfiber couch? I have tried wet cloth, dryer sheets, sticky rolls, tape, duct tape! Im about to pull my hair out!!
  6. MichBoxerMom

    Pee during sleep but no urine smell

    So confused. I saw a post on here in July about someones dog urinating during sleep and my boy - just turned 1, started this a couple weeks ago. Last night I ripped off the sheet off of the couch and set it in the kitchen. I smelled the couch and the sheet an it doesnt smell like urine. I...
  7. MichBoxerMom

    Frustrated!! Pee in sleep!

    My boy just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and for the past month he pees on the couch probably once a week during the night. Its always during the night when he is sleeping. He has had blood, fecal and urine test all come back normal. Will he outgrow this because I am getting frustrated!
  8. MichBoxerMom

    Sweet Potato and Rice Allergies?

    Hello all.... My Cooper is just one year old and I believe we narrowed down the rice allergy for sure but 2 weeks ago I started cooking his meals at home and decided to use sweet potato instead of rice. I started the home cooked meals due to the possible rice allergy. He has not been tested its...
  9. MichBoxerMom

    Hello from Michigan

    Super excited to finally be here!! I have tried a couple of times to register with no luck and I got it right this time. I have a male boxer that just turned 1 a couple weeks ago. He sure has been one hot mess!! Allergies galore! Ive been visiting this site since Nov. for ideas and just learning...