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  1. Kamate

    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    Buried Treasure
  2. Kamate

    Luger and I win!

    We went to a small pet expo in our local suburb last weekend and we won the "Owner/Pet look alike" competition. I'm sure it was meant as a compliment to me seeing as Luger is just so handsome!
  3. Kamate

    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    Face Plant
  4. Kamate

    Boxer Beach day

    Hey Pete, Chivas had to go to another family unfortunately he had a high prey drive and our cat was just too tempting for him. He went to the Gold Coast to another family that had lost their Boxer a year ago. We have seen a few Boxers at Redlands Animal Shelter, thankfully being such...
  5. Kamate

    Boxer Beach day

    I made the shirt myself, its an iron on picture of Luger and some points that make Boxers so great here's the design I made for the shirt. Feel free to use it if you want :) BTW I'd prefer the snow at the moment the humidity here is killing me!
  6. Kamate

    Boxer Beach day

    We had a QLD Boxer Club Beach Bash for Australia day, our little Luger was the lifeguard and everyone had a ball. It was hot as expected and the water was a crowd favourite although Luger still isn't too sure about it.
  7. Kamate

    Luger the Terrible (not really LOL) Vid

    Yeah he's grown up so fast alright! I WISH that was our yard that was taken at our Boxer Clubs "Fun Day" we had over 60 Boxers there in all shapes and sizes. We're going to another one a "beach day" on the 26th on Jan for Australia Day I'll shoot more footage and some stills and make a video...
  8. Kamate

    Luger the Terrible (not really LOL) Vid Try that one!
  9. Kamate

    Luger the Terrible (not really LOL) Vid

    mmmm link not working How do I embed it like the others have done?
  10. Kamate

    Luger the Terrible (not really LOL) Vid

    Here's a vid I knocked up of The Luger. He's nearly one now and such a good boy but he does get up to a little mischief. Hope you like it.
  11. Kamate

    Video: Sasha playing, 6.5 months

    Wow she's gotten so big! She's adorable! And the best thing is they never grow up! Boxers are 'forever puppies'!
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    Eddie Griffin who was in "The Last Boy Scout" with..........
  13. Kamate

    Know she's a boxer...and are still afraid! (long)

    Our old Boxer Sophie was the neighborhood greeter. She would stand by our road as people walked by and just wag her body (as Boxers do LOL) and say hi and just want a pat. Everyone in our street knew her and loved her. Well there was this old German/Austrian guy that walked past and as soon...
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    Carrie-Anne Moss who was in "Sabotage" with.......
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    betting on Kennel Cough
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    Mickey Rourke who was in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with.....
  17. Kamate

    Hi from New Zealand!

    Kiaora! Welcome to BW!
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    Robert Downy Jr, who was in 'The Incredible Hulk' (cameo) with..........
  19. Kamate

    Changes after desexing

    I've noticed that Luger seems quieter and "dopey" since we had him fixed about a month ago. He seems miserable and compared to Chivas very unboxer like in energy levels. He has never been a big eater but he is still in good condition. Maybe I'm worrying too much but the vet seems to think...
  20. Kamate

    Too much "fighting" between puppies?

    My boys are doing the same thing anyone with info that might help let us know!