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  1. Thatcher

    Strange stomach noises?

    Thatcher has always had a sensitive stomach but today I heard some strange gurgling sounds in it. She didn't eat all of her breakfast and is a little more lethargic but did keep up with me on a 3 mile leashed walk. Her poop was solid. I did let her chew on a bully stick last night which she...
  2. Thatcher

    Torn ACL - surgery?

    It is (sadly) official, my 3 year old tore her ACL. I have heard from owners who have tried the 2 most popular surgeries (suture and TPLO), but I am curious to hear from people who have opted NOT to have surgery. She tore her ACL in late December and she was on rimadyl for 5 days. Since the...
  3. Thatcher

    Muscle sprain on hind leg

    I brought my 3-year old Thatcher home for the holidays where she has a big yard to run around in (and she runs like mad). I noticed that she started carrying her left hind leg up a bit and over the next few hours she doesn't want to stand on it at all. It is so depressing seeing her quiet and in...
  4. Thatcher

    My female boxer doesn't seem to like children

    Thatcher is a little over a year and doesn't seem to like children. She does a low growl when one approaches and I have to intervene (saying No!, body blocking, etc). I have tried giving kids treats to give to her (never putting anyone in danger, but hoping she would associate treats with kids)...
  5. Thatcher

    Hello, nice to virtually be here ...

    I have been checking out the boxerworld forums for a while (or at least since I got my boxer, Thatcher) and have been totally pleased with the information shared. I figured that instead of "listening in" unannounced, I would make for a better boxer neighbor by joining you all. Thanks! Fiona