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  1. Littlekew

    Beware of Dog Sign

    I am not sure what the legal requirements are, but I was told that if you own a dog and someone gets into you backyard/garden, and the dog bites them that they can have the dog put to sleep. So I have a sign on my back gate which say's Beware of the Dog Enter at you own Risk. And I have got to...
  2. I've got him, now don't move..

    I've got him, now don't move..

    Bailey and Avander playing ..
  3. Avander 8 Weeks Old

    Avander 8 Weeks Old

    Bailey's Buddy Avander..
  4. I will protect you

    I will protect you

    Bailey and His 8 week old friend Avander.
  5. Bailey 7 Weeks old

    Bailey 7 Weeks old

  6. Littlekew

    naming my white baby boy

    I think naming you baby Polo is a great name, I have a white boxer and we pondered over a name for day's, in the end we decided to call him bailey, as i love Bailey's cream. My husband wanted to call him spook, and my daughter casper after the ghost. But decided that shouting spook in the...
  7. Bailey and Little Amber asleep.

    Bailey and Little Amber asleep.

    I love my Bailey he makes a lovely pillow.
  8. Intellectual Bailey

    Intellectual Bailey

  9. Pant Pant.

    Pant Pant.

    Hard work this visitor thing...
  10. Bailey 18 months old

    Bailey 18 months old

  11. Bailey 18 Months

    Bailey 18 Months

    This is the life..
  12. Bailey Jan 04

    Bailey Jan 04

    Boy have I got an itch
  13. Bailey 15 weeks old

    Bailey 15 weeks old

    Bright light
  14. Me and my ball

    Me and my ball

  15. Bailey April 05

    Bailey April 05

  16. Bailey what a good boy..

    Bailey what a good boy..

  17. Do you want to play ball

    Do you want to play ball

  18. Bailey on the decking

    Bailey on the decking

  19. Littlekew

    Just saying Hi to all

    I am new to boxerworld and i'm looking forward to sharing my boxer Bailey with you all, He is a white boxer and is as mad as a hatter. He is 17 months old now. I have uploaded some pic's for you to see once they have been approved. I have 2 children both girls Rebecca aged 7 1/2 and Amber...
  20. Bailey in his new home

    Bailey in his new home