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  1. eyosha

    My Beloved Munchies is gone

    After 15 years, I regret to tell that my beloved female boxer Munchies is gone, she had a big surgery last month to remove cancer tumor from her splint, at her age it was risky, but fighter as she was she made it through. 2 days ago her condition got worse, she couldn't stand on her rear legs...
  2. eyosha

    Food for Boxer with kidneys problems

    Hi been long time since I wrote here... My 13 years old boxer Munchies blood results showed Creatinine levels are above normal. The Vet told me I must put her on a diet and feed her Purina NF. At the moment she's eating Acana Pacifica. I'm having serious doubt about this food, (Whole grain...
  3. eyosha

    questions about cough

    Hi all, My female 7 years old Boxer (Munchies) has been coughing, for the last week I took her to the vet and he gave her 3 different medicines (some kind of cortisones) that help her breath and reduce the white foam that comes out from her mouth. I think she is better now but she coughs when...
  4. eyosha

    hi is it normal for spayed..

    female to get horny and start climbing on pillows and act like a male dog by doing mating moves ?? my munchy start doing it recently she is 6.5 years old and spayed :confused:
  5. eyosha

    Solutions for limping boxer ?

    hi; I have female boxer 6 years old , that had a surgery and her finger was cut off due to cancer. that was 8 month ago she is alright today. she has no problem playing and chasing her favorite balls on the grass, however on the field or deep sand, stony roads, dirt road she has a bit problem...
  6. eyosha

    My Boxer fight with puppies

    Hi all I have 5 years old Boxer (Munchies). she wasn't mine all the time, only in the last year. she used to live with her puppy until her owners got separated. now the mom has her and me. She is quite disciplined, She come when I call her, Seats when she told to and have no problem with...
  7. eyosha

    over heating

    Hi My boxer "Munchies" is 5 years old, 6 months ago, in winter I used to run with her, and do a lot of exercise with her, like cashing a ball and stuff like that. now in summer, She get exhausted and tired quite fast. My question is. Is it the summer, the age?? and how exactly do I know how...