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  1. Pooch72

    hair is thinning and bumps/scabs

    My 2 year old has had some thinning of hair near an area where she had a very small bump that ended in a small scab( on her back). It all healed and the hair grew back. Now she has about five of the areas. The hair is just thinned out and again there was a bump in each area. Each now a...
  2. Pooch72

    Scared to death..Prue had seizure or choking

    About 40 minutes ago my almost 11 month old was in her crate eating. I heard her bowl spill and looked over she had slid down into the crate. I pulled her out ,she didn't have any breath coming out her nose. I checked her mouth for an obstruction and tried the heimlich. She squealed when I...
  3. Pooch72

    10 month Male Dallas ASAP

    I was informed one hour ago of a male boxer 10 months needs a home, by my husband. A coworker who knew we had boxers called my husband and said his friend is leaving the state and is not taking The pup with him and will place him in the pound tomorrow.... Christmas Eve. The cowoker is willing...
  4. Pooch72

    Agility for fun in Dallas area

    I am interested to find out if there is an agility group that meets just for fun in the Dallas area. I just want to take my girls for the fun and challenge of it.
  5. Pooch72

    need behavior modifcation

    I had jury duty today. I came home when I wasn't selected. Yeah, an unexpected afternoon off from work. I could get some things done while the family isn't home but nnooooooooo I have now been on BW for 3 1/2 hours. I need behavior modification fast..I guess I want my first paw print. I just...
  6. Pooch72

    Boxerbash wanabe..... there

    Hi: we are recently new to the forum. I have a female, brindle 2-11-02, named Prue and a rescued boxer mix approx DOB 3-01-01, name Jazz. We would love to start coming to the Dallas Boxer Bashes this Fall. We live in Flower Mound and would enjoy visiting with the boxers and their boxer lovers...
  7. Pooch72

    Sspaying, Ace & recent neurological reaction to meds

    Hi: this is my first post. I have a new brindle girl who is 5 months old, Prue(Prunella). I'm sorry this is long but I felt a background was needed prior to my question. Last month she had a neurological reaction to one of the following: Final series of shots which included the Rabies...