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  1. Kamate

    Luger and I win!

    We went to a small pet expo in our local suburb last weekend and we won the "Owner/Pet look alike" competition. I'm sure it was meant as a compliment to me seeing as Luger is just so handsome!
  2. Kamate

    Boxer Beach day

    We had a QLD Boxer Club Beach Bash for Australia day, our little Luger was the lifeguard and everyone had a ball. It was hot as expected and the water was a crowd favourite although Luger still isn't too sure about it.
  3. Kamate

    Luger the Terrible (not really LOL) Vid

    Here's a vid I knocked up of The Luger. He's nearly one now and such a good boy but he does get up to a little mischief. Hope you like it.
  4. Kamate

    Changes after desexing

    I've noticed that Luger seems quieter and "dopey" since we had him fixed about a month ago. He seems miserable and compared to Chivas very unboxer like in energy levels. He has never been a big eater but he is still in good condition. Maybe I'm worrying too much but the vet seems to think...
  5. Kamate

    Our two trouble makers

    We recently rescued a Brindle boy a month older than our boy Luger (so 9 and 10 months), so introducing Chivas our new Brindle and white boy with 'flying nun' ears and a sweet gentle nature. He has been negelected and had pretty much zero training so we have a lot of work ahead but we know...
  6. Kamate

    Grandmas Lamb and Vege Soup

    Ok its winter here in Oz and this is an old favorite that my mum taught me. 4 Large Potatoes 2 Carrots 3 Brown Onions Half a Bunch of Celery 3 Lamb Shanks (I use chops sometimes depends on the price of Lamb) 500g (about 1 pound) soup bean mix (you know it has lentils and split peas and...
  7. Kamate

    Funny Habit when "dropping"

    Luger drops fairly well now we taught him a week ago and he seems to have gotte the hang of it (for a 15 week old baby that is). Only one thing, he refuses to drop on our tiled areas, carpet, no problem, grass, EASY, a towel on the tiled floor, yep everytime but when it come to the tiles, NO...
  8. Kamate

    Schutzhund training?

    I've been doing a little research on training Luger and came across Schutzhund training, can't find much info on it and was wondering if anyone here knows more about or possibly does it?
  9. Kamate


    Not a big deal really but Luger gets the hiccups ALL the time. Eating, sleeping and just playing. He never has them for long just frequently. Any ideas?
  10. Kamate


    G'day everyone! I'm Steve my partner's name is Karen and have just adopted a new baby Red and White Boxer boy. We haven't got a name for him just yet but he's a wonderful little man. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone here and enjoying talking about Boxers!