Is the boxer the right dog for you?

The Boxer is not the right sort of dog for everyone, so continue reading if you would like to know if you and a Boxer would be suited to each other.
The Boxer is not a small dog, and is very energetic and playful. They like to be active and included in everything. They are inclined to be boisterous which may not suit you or your lifestyle. Boxers mature very slowly, so act like puppies nearly all their life, though they to start to settle more at around 3 to 4 years of age.
Boxers need to be with their family and thrive on human companionship. They do not thrive, and indeed, can develop into 'bad' dogs if they do not spend time with their family. They are definitely not suited to a 'backyard' dog type life. Many Boxers drool - it varies from individual to individual. Some may also snore. A lot of people are not able to live with drooling or snoring.
Though Boxers have a short coat, they do shed hair when the weather changes, some can shed quite a bit of hair. Daily brushing when they are shedding will help remove the dead hair, but you can still expect a bit on your floor and furniture.

Charlie (on the end right) and his coloured litter mates aged 6 weeks

Boxers suffer from exposure to extreme temperatures. Their coats are short and offer no protection against the cold, and their short muzzles make them unable to tolerate extreme heat. They are house dogs, even though they need plenty of 'outside time', so if you dislike animals in the house, then the Boxer is not right for you.
Boxers require 'obedience' training and to be taught good manners - so if you have not got the time for this a Boxer may not suit you. Boxers are very intelligent dogs and require firm, fair, fun training. If you want a dog who only wants to do what you say when you say, do not get a Boxer. Boxers are a very independent breed, very willing to work with you, but unwilling to be ordered around. Trained properly, a Boxer is the most delightful companion you could wish for.
Boxers are natural guard dogs and most will look after the family home and property. Some Boxers take this to the extreme and may guard too well for your liking, while others seem to have missed out on any guarding instinct. However, the Boxer should never be purchased as a guard dog - this is only a tiny part of their great character, and it does not suit them at all. 'True' guard dogs require extensive, expensive training to perform, and only those with absolutely sound temperaments can do this work. No layman is able to tell if a dog is suitable or not without professional help.
Boxers need to be house dogs.
They need good exercise and are boisterous.
They need human company.
They shed hair, drool and snore.
They mature very slowly.
They are not pocket sized dogs.
They have 'guarding' tendencies.

But as any Boxer owner will tell you - they are truly wonderful, and none of us would swap our drooling, snoring dynamo's for anything!