Bringing home puppy

So your new puppy is ready to come home! This is a very exciting time. Some things you will need to consider before your puppy arrives are below.

Brick when he was 9 weeks old

Will someone be home with puppy for a while when she first comes to live with you? It is a good idea to arrange to have holidays when your new pup first arrives, or to arrange for someone trustworthy to be home. Your puppy will need to get used to their new home, and someone should be there to help them with this transition period. They will need to be crate trained and toilet trainined and have fresh water at all times as well as getting fed on time. Young puppies will need at least two meals during the day time.
You will need a couple of good water bowls for both inside and outside and well as a food bowl. Stainless Steel bowls are the most durable and hygenic for this purpose. There will also have to be a supply of food ready for your pup (see our article on diet for feeding information). Make sure you have a couple of very good quality toys for your puppy to chew on - Nylabones or similar are excellent for this. You will also need several toys just for fun, flat collar and lead, flea / tick treatment, worming tablets etc. There is also bedding to get ready, a crate and a supply of old rags and cleaning agents for any 'accidents' which are likely to occur until your pup is housetrained.

It is a good idea if you and your family have a talk first about your new puppy to make sure you are all very consistant in the upbringing of your Boxer. Establish if your Boxer will be allowed on the couch for instance. You will only end up with a very confused dog if some members allow him on the couch and others don't!