Back Yard Breeder - BYB



The average pet owner that breeds their dog(s).

Most of the general public thinks that just because they have *papers* on their dog, that means their dog is breed material. All papers mean is that the dog(s) parents were registered, and nothing more. It does NOT mean QUALITY! It does NOT mean the dog is CORRECT for the Standards for that breed. Most of the dogs that are registered are NOT breed material, but make fine pets.

WHAT THEY DO (and what they DON’T DO)

1) They breed dogs that are not correct for the Standards for health, temperament, and how they *suppose* to look. This is why many of the back-yard breedings that take place produce puppies which grows into adults that are incorrect.

2) They breed dogs that have the same faults, which in turn, compounds faults into the puppies.

3) They do not know the breed standards for the breed they are breeding.

4) They do not know what genetic (health) issues are for the breed they are breeding, they say that there are NO problems associated with the breed, or ask, “what problems?”

5) They are not there for you IF you have problems or questions through-out the lifetime of your dog.

6) They do not require spay/neuter contracts, nor do they supply you with a written contract/guarantee, nor do they require the dog be returned to them if you can no longer keep the animal.

7) They think they can make just a little money breeding.

8) Some will screen potential buyers and some won’t. Most really don’t care what happens to the puppy after it leaves their house.


1) With them not requiring spay/neuters, when those dogs are eventually bred (as most will do), then it compounds the problems... more and more dogs are being produced in an overly populated world already. Just go to your local shelter and look at all those dogs. They were someone’s pet at some point in their life. Most of them would come from someone just wanting to breed their pets just once or twice.

2) By continued irresponsible breeding(s), more and more dogs end up in rescue, shelters, dumped, research labs, used as bait dogs for dog fighting (YES IT STILL HAPPENS!!!!!) or at the hands of commerical dog breeders (Puppy Mill Breeders) or commerical brokers (Puppy Mill Brokers).
Note: Brokers buy from the commercial dog breeders and sell directly to the PetStores or directly to the Public

Sabrina Jay
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